Web Development Trends to Look For

The web platform is emerging at a quick pace and in many directions. In such a technological world, average web users are growing as more skilful, confident and promising and even the technology is advancing ever quicker and speedier and web professionals require to move fast to keep up with the latest and updated web development trends. In fact, the fine line in between the web designing and web development has been increasingly becoming blurred as the user experience and good functionality are the two most vital considerations. The best web designs compliment as well as inculcate evolving and uprising technologies along with the key web development trends to look for to truly reap the capabilities of the medium. The top notch web development trends to look for are mentioned in below.
• HTML5 – With the diminished and lessened popularity of flash based designs, web developers as well as designers are promptly looking for and acknowledging the power of HTML5. As flash seems to be an imposing designing tool, it doesn’t always gels up and work well with different popular and reckoned web technologies. If misused, flash can actually have a negative impact on the accessibility as well as usability of a website and its capability to rank good in leading search engines. Most of the professionals and experts would agree to a fact that no website could be entirely made up from flash and HTML5 can do many things that may or may not need flash and without the inimical effects.
• CSS3 – CSS that is cascading style sheets are used to define the appeal as well as formatting of a site. The recent version of the technology that is CSS3 involves a huge number of amazing new features involving rounded corners, border radius, multi column layout, capacity and box shadows.
• Life streaming – The mere thought of constant connection highly rules the way people communicate online at present. Instead of just using and accessing a direct link to a twitter or facebook page, several websites also offer lifestreaming that actually involves a social network aggregator to centralize multiple social networking profiles into a single one along with including a live feed to a blog or website. It also means that the users can follow a site owner’s movements and tracks like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and others directly from their website.
• Quick response code – QR code or quick response code has been around for a while over the web and with time has become accepted and widespread and with the conception of internet capable mobile handsets. This code is a barcode basically that covers information like URL that a user simply take a picture of the QR barcode utilizing their mobile device and taken directly to the related website. At that time when mobility is considered as so much important and significant for the users, QR barcodes are a very handy tool extensively used on a wide range of advertising and promotional materials such as magazines, business cards, brochures and newspapers.
• Mobile sites – The number of users accessing the web platform through their mobile handset is soaring the heights though it has been assumed that smart phones will outsell personal systems. Most of the sites don’t interpret specifically well to most of the mobile devices aside from the fact that the layout and technology are not always compatible and mobile users behave extremely differently when they are like on the go.
Many businesses and companies now prefer to have a separate dedicated and robust mobile website that is specifically customized for smart phones and other mobile devices. Web Outsourcing Team is a leading web development company serving its clients from extensive number of years to both national and international market arenas. Feel free to contact them at mail@weboutsourcingteam.com or visit www.weboutsourcingteam.com to find out what the company can do for their clients at good prices and within defined period of time.

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