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Top Web Design Trends till Present

Top Web Design Trends till Present

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The end of the year is always a good time to look back at the things that it has stored for all of us at online platform and see what we love and cherish. The trends do not fad with coming year in fact tend to strive for many more years. This is the reason that the new web design trends we can look for and be inspired in the coming few years are acknowledged and mentioned below in the post.

  • Non boring typography – It covers use of fonts with personality that web designers can stand on their own. They are not the standard ones like san serif or other, but in fact designers have started looking for different font types and add to their arsenal that could add uniqueness and personality to their designs. So non boring typography covers getting away from simple and overused kind of typefaces and finding and adding some personality to websites.
  • Flat design – With the introduction of iOS7, flat design has been introduced. In fact from a long period, Apple has been a trendsetter and rest of the world seems to follow the brand. iOS7 has been out from some time but there are a wide number of websites coming online with each day blended with new flat designs.
  •  Large hero fields quickly killing sliders – Such hero areas on website home web pages are running prevalent and growing with time. They are promptly taking over real estate domain majorly on websites where sliders used to be there. No matter whether it is a simple blurred image in the background with a centred heading in the middle, hero areas are promptly and speedily substituting sliders as the new attention seekers and grabbers and they are becoming increasingly elaborate and innovative.
  • Major focus on mobile – Along with becoming more famous and popular as responsive web design, it has been noticed that the sites are digging deeper these days as per mobile lifestyles. Web designers are not only keeping up with their sites functioning on mobile handsets, but also heading one more step to assist as several devices are accessing the web platform and using their phones to explore the web marketplace. Thinking about what things could be done? Looking for email subscriptions, integration with social media, fast loading websites and long scrolling sites assist to make the mobile web a friendlier and better place.
  • Use of more videos rather than text – Why to read if you can watch it? Something that you can start seeing all over the web platform are basically videos. Videos are not only simple to create but also to share on your website along with over social media sites. Though, some may think that videos don’t belong on a website home web page due to big chunks of data they take to load and smoothly run but videos are efficient and promising way to interact something new or technical simply when words just are not enough to express. Moreover, many video service providers like You Tube and others let you to track the number of views it got, granting you to efficiently plan your content on your website.

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