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What’s the difference between Web Designing and Web Development?

What’s the difference between Web Designing and Web Development?

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We frequently overhear terms like web designing and web development. But ever wondered the difference between the two? Well, yes they are entirely different from each other and require different skill sets. However, they sound so similar that people tend to get confused, especially if they aren’t from the IT industry. So let’s end this confusion forever. Here, we will talk about the difference between the web designing and the web development and the role of the web designer and the web developer.

While web development is completely into technical aspects, web designing is all about the aesthetics, feel and look of the website. The later requires a lot of imagination, proper thinking, and creativity while the former is all about what goes in the back-end, coding and how the website actually comes to life. Let’s find out more.

Let’s suppose, you need a house, what will be the first thing you will do? You will approach an architect, right? Similarly, like an architect, the web designers create the entire layout of the website. They create the entire design, look, and basic features based on the needs of the client. This also includes the inner and outer look and placement of the features and tabs.

The web designers also required to use their skills and experience to ensure the safety measures, space constraints and budget of the client. They create a detailed model of the entire website even before it comes to the life.

However, giving life to the layout and design is the responsibility of the web developers. The web developers make the decision on placement of load bearing beams to support the design. And of course, the details that make the building usable like plumbing and wiring are the responsibilities of the web developers when it comes to creating a website.

 The developer decides the timing and order of each phase of the construction of the website. They ensure integration of parts so that they work as expected with staying true to the plans provided by the web designer.

So, these were the basic differences between the web designing and the web developing. Here are some of the main roles of a web designer and web developer:
  1. Web designers use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Framer, or Sketch to create the layout design of the website.
  2. They need to have good skills in graphic and logo designing.
  3. They are required to have a good understanding of users’ experience.
  4. Web designers should be aware of the simplest method to attain the desired functionality.
  5. They need to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends to match up the market.
  6. Web designers should keep design consistency made popular by tech giants like Google and Facebook since users are more familiar with them.
  7. They should keep in mind the branding, color, typography, and readability of the website to avoid distractions.

Now, let’s discuss the role of the web developers to clearly understand the subject. So, there are two types of web developers – front-end and back-end. Front end developers create the actual interface of the website using HTML, CSS, and JS languages. They can use styling preprocessors, javascript libraries, and frameworks to fasten the process of the development. Back-end developers build the backbone of the website using languages like PHP and MySQL.

Here are some of their main roles:
  1. Creating the actual interface
  2. Front-end developers provide the markup design to back-end developers
  3. Back-end developers create a dynamic website and submit data on the server and databases
  4. Both developers can use the same development environments or IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). These are software tools for coding and building the structure of the website.
  5. They may also use versioning tools for tracking the previous builds. This will help them move back to a previous development version easily if needed.

So, these were the difference between the roles of web developers and web designers. They both play crucial roles, and the web would not exist without one or the other. And we understand this better than anyone else hence our team has the top web developers and web designers both. We constantly work together to give life to the every website we create from inside and outside. Get the best quote from RAVINDErkHURANA.COM now. We are just a call away: 8527267799.