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Developers Prefer CakePHP for Web Development

Developers Prefer CakePHP for Web Development

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PHP is one of the most famous and used server side scripting languages used by developers worldwide. Web developers prefer CakePHP for web development for building robust, dynamic and highly functional sites. PHP framework lets web professionals to think of quick, proficient and efficient web solutions that are not only intuitive n nature but also could render an apt online image to the businesses. In a survey recently conducted by Info World, it was figured out that CakePHP is the most sought after framework for creating web applications utilizing PHP. At present, CakePHP is the most in demand and famous open source web and application development framework that grants developers to build accelerated web solutions in a promising PHP development environment. So whether it is a small development firm or a multinational designing and developmental one, each service professional makes use of CakePHP framework for building web solutions for their clientele all across the world. Undoubtedly there are few reasons behind that make CakePHP extremely popular and in-demand among web developers.

Few reasons that boost up web developers to prefer CakePHP for web development are mentioned here below.
  • Ease of use – Web developers are always in search for web development tools that can ease out simple web development of solutions. CakePHP lends them an opportunity and the luxury to minimize the code lines to be written and speed up the development procedure.
  • MVC environment – With CakePHP, web developers actually get the opportunity to function and operate in a well defined three tier architecture where the logic and its page presentation are kept in a separate way. This three tier architecture is basically known as MVC environment.
  • Simple management of tables and classes – Being an ORM based prototype, CakePHP lets web developers to cling to the OOR programming styles. It enables them to manage the tables along with the classes much efficaciously and proficiently.
  • Directory structure – CakePHP framework comes with a comprehensive and all-inclusive directory structure that makes it simple for developers to unearth anything that they did without unessential touching the configuration files. This grants them the chance to complete the development activity promptly and assists in prompt deployment of solutions.
  • No need to setup configuration – The LAMP configuration is automatically adjusted in accord to the changes made by the experts in CakePHP prototype. It avoids the requirement on the other hand to setup the configuration.
  • Support for many technologies – This is true that web development is a broad field to learn and understand. There is availability of so many web technologies these days for creating web applications that it becomes sometimes a headache to blend one technology with another one. Though, CakePHP framework is constructed in such a manner that it supports diverse web programming languages along with the web development technologies. Few of the most leading technologies supported by CakePHP framework involve JavaScript, Ajax, XML and more.
  • Secure – CakePHP is always counted amongst the most secure and dynamic PHP based web development frameworks attainable to developers for creating superior quality web solutions. It also assures that the web solutions created on this framework are highly safe and secure and provide proper authorization for future web applications.

CakePHP is integrated with a very long list of features and functionalities and aforementioned ones are very few of them. It is must for a web development firm to deliver web designing and development solutions upon CakePHP framework as it is highly urged by the customers worldwide. It is must for the service providers to have apt experience as well as development skills on this framework to survive in such a tough technological business era. One such good example and a leader catering in the same field is Web Outsourcing Team. Whether it is all about PHP services or CakePHP solutions or other web solutions, the company has specialized experts catering its users in the best possible way out in this web industry. You can get in touch with them anytime at