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Web Design Trends Ruling Web Platform

Web Design Trends Ruling Web Platform

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The few web design trends that have been ruling the web marketplace till date are mentioned in this post. Web professionals have been facing each obstacle and endeavouring to meet its diverse range of clients’ demands and prerequisites at great prices and within defined period of time all over the world. Hope you all find the information useful and beneficial to read.

  • Long scrolling sites – In this technological era, users and people have become comfortable with scrolling through sites to figure out and read the information and these days with web pages and sites utilizing more designing techniques like responsive web design, increased white space and long scrolling websites began to appear again. Now days it is extremely common to have long scrolling websites full with content and appealing graphics. These days, in websites the content is more organized and in a much simpler format to think of.
  • Simple colour schemes – It is in trend that most of the websites make use of simple colour schemes. And by simple, it really means only use of one or two colours. The simple colour scheme appears to come up with flat design, though not always necessary. Many of the sites being introduced use very little colour or even avoiding colour altogether. The most popular ones in use now days involve white, black and almost everything along with adding some other tint such as red that can add impact, appeal along with drama that could garnish attention when used in the right manner.
  • Simplified content – Simpler content rule the web world and beyond this we used to design our sites. In other words, simplified content means short chunks of data like twitter style. With time and passing years, our attention and focus spans on becoming shorter so that web designers have compromised not in terms of quality but in fact by putting content in small bits rather than long narratives. Many of the areas on sites now days do not have more than 250 characters and it is always faster and simpler to read for the users who like to scan over the web pages.
  • Dropping the sidebar – This is more suitable for magazines and blogging type websites and many of them are even experimenting with dropping the sidebar altogether. It lets for a more appealing and a visual affect with content and simpler as responsive web development. Web designers worldwide are trying and working on the same to make your reading experience more attractive and pleasant by getting free from such distractions and spreading the content to take over the web pages.
  • Manipulated imagery – Though it is simple to locate any old picture on your website but it is more difficult to edit it into something new and different. Many of the sites involve more images that have things like blurred images, colour overlays or even the pictures that are like similar to Instagram pictures with filters.
  • Crazy and cool stuff – This is something that user’s wish that will never dies. With the evolvement and emergence of the web world, more things have been developing and web professionals including designers and developers are getting their expert hands on. In fact the parallax scrolling techniques are extremely cool and interesting. The HTML5 use is hitting the platform and used to animate different parts of a website. The subtle and exquisite scrolling timed in tune with animation is the interesting and fascinating stuff that is to look for.

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