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Web Trends That Will Change the Web World Forever

Web Trends That Will Change the Web World Forever

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As web experts, often we all look at other firms with disbelief at their failure to adapt to digital medium. The collapse of industries and organizations, the downfall of music retailing and other obstacles faced by newspapers are a few examples falling in the same. But are we aware of the changes occurring in our own field? The web is like 25 years old now, so are we just blind to changes happening in other industries? Or, we ready to set our new beginnings in our own ways? Might be it is all sounding a bit dramatic and I don’t want it to be in this way. I just want to conclude and bring it to everyone notice about the few trends that are worthy enough of our attention. Such trends might not make us out of date or outmoded, but will definitely change what we do in our daily life. The trends I am concerned about are mentioned below in the post. Hope all you agree and see such web trends could change the web world forever and ever.

  • The move towards in-house teams – In last few years, the way in which businesses think about the web has changed a lot. Once visualized and considered as a marketing channel, now might be perceived as a business critical for a lot of firms and businesses. Most of the companies finalized and think that it is very much ill-advised to trust on outside suppliers for business complex operations. In fact they are constructing internal teams to take on that role. Strategically might be it is wise, but also in turn it renders good cost savings in the long run. This impact could be seen as firms compete with each other for a limited number of openings available at the top end of the market. Some of them have even sold to their customers and efficaciously they become like their in-house teams. Others are being forced to downsize. Undoubtedly no in-house team has every skill and work and head in the way to look for specialists who can work on short term contracts within teams. It means people who are working in top notch firms have to consider about their long term positions and chances are there that we see an increasing number of firms shut their doors in the coming time. Those who work for those companies may find themselves joining in house teams and that too specialized in one of the roles. But it is not only about those working from the top but also about the way their experience changes everything.
  • The rise of software as a service – The boost up of software as a service is actually been threatening the lower end of all kinds of sectors. SaaS is deteriorating traditional models in almost everything from customer management to recruitment. For some of the people, web designing is no exception. Once there was a time when even self employed web designers could create cheap sites from their home and make a good income. But now days it is a bit tedious with online services available letting people to create their own website. Though, it does not apply to create your own site situation. It would be in fact apt to develop a customized content management system in most of the cases. The similar kind of situation arises for e-commerce platforms too. Software as a service is actually commoditising more of what has been there to bespoke work. But even the implied design is becoming simpler as compared to ever before.
  • The coding automation – It was a time when coding good quality HTML and CSS was considered as enough. Now this is not the case. It is not like that there is a surplus of people capable to do the same but in fact the need to code is somewhere ebbing. Tools such as Adobe and Macaw are enabling web designers to do most of the work of front end coders. Though these tools develop terrible CSS but they are a positive sign of things to come. With time, such tools will become more sophisticated and useful. For sure, these tools will never create code as good as manually done by developers, but it will be appropriate enough. In the end it is all about return on investment. For many good enough quick to market code, it will be an efficient investment source rather than hand coded. Even if, it does not happen, they are lending an impact on the users’ mind. Now, devising working prototypes has become so much simpler that keeps a front end coder busy for days or even weeks. It is simple to let go the impact of such tools and they don’t replace a good coder for sure. They just lighten up the workload and make things easier.
  • The decline of the website – Have you figured out and noticed the sudden decline in the role of a site? For an example, you want to go and see a movie, but you are not aware of where it has been showing. Earlier might be you would have visited each theatre site at a time once especially if they were showing the film you wished. Each site was distinct, manufactured by a busy and skilled team of web designers. My concern is not how you look up the moves anymore, but in fact chances are there that you have a single app on your mobile that cumulates movie listings from several sources. It lends to a better and promising user experience as users don’t have to deal with multiple interfaces and it for sure starts to cripple the role of designers manufacturing such websites. Content is excluded and set as free from design. In fact, sharing of the content is usually done with the help of APIs in between sites and applications.

This all might leave you feel dejected about your future opportunities but it shouldn’t be the case. With time and change in technology, definitely your roles will change from time to time and the major danger is that you are not aware of this thing. Whether you are convinced with me or not, but still I am damn sure of one thing that web is definitely going to evolve more. It is not the strongest or intelligent one to survive, but in fact is the most adaptable to change. Hope you all liked the post. For other web trends news, stay tune for more posts and get in touch with Web Outsourcing Team for web developments as it is a leading firm catering its users from a long period of time. You can contact them anytime at