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Save your website data or server data from any loss or damage by getting access to backup services that are reliable and worth opting in the long run. We have over two decades of experience in offering backup solutions to your data and files, ensuring affordability, convenience, availability, and many more benefits.

What is a backup?

Cloud backup service, also known as online backup or backup as a service is a way of storing data offsite in which the entire content, files, and folders are backed up by a remote cloud-based authentic data repository or a reliable service vendor online. The goal of backup is straightforward and simple, which is protecting the 
data whether it is personal or professional from any loss that could happen due to hacking, user error, or any technical problem. Backup as a service, BaaS links systems to a public, or private, or hybrid cloud managed by the outside vendor rather than just associating it with a centralized and an on-premise IT department. As compared to other offsite services, getting backup in this way is simpler to manage.

The prime benefits of backup services:

Whether it is a cloud backup service, or website backup, or backup server, the service proffers many positives, and a few are depicted as below.
  • Convenience – The convenience that the service can render is simply absolute. Once the set-up is done, information is saved automatically and there is no need to proactively store, track, or label data every time.
  • Safety – As the data is stored in a secure and automated system, you are not subject to any threat including hacking, user error, bug, natural disaster, etc. The data stored is encrypted and it will minimize the risk indeed.
  • Ease of recovery – If anyhow under any circumstance, the data is lost or deleted, due to multiple levels of redundancy, backups are easily located and available. Different copies of similar data are stored at different locations in an independent fashion and it eases out the complexity of recovering information anytime.
  • Affordability – As compared to hard drives, tape drivers, servers, or any other hardware or software backups, backup online using a system is much cost-efficient and secure. The many benefits include the media on which backups are saved, IT labour needed to handle and troubleshoot systems, media transportation to a remote location for safekeeping, etc.

What is the Remote backup service?

Also known as cloud backup service, remote backup refers to an online managed backup service meant for backing up data to a cloud-based remote server. To restore or update a cloud backup, users need to access the service provider’s web browser interface or specific client’s application. The data and files can be saved automatically to the cloud backup on a scheduled or regular basis and it can be backed up anytime whenever changes are made. Remote backup service leads to several advantages including easy setup, security, reliability, cost reduction, workload reduction, etc. Indeed, a remote backup can be an integral and important part of lowering down risk for your enterprise. With appropriate planning and choosing the right remote backup service provider, it can be a real success.
Our years of experience, expertise, and the team of backup service experts help organizations in making the transitions and check out the advantages of improvising productivity, enhanced efficacy, and minimized downtime. Do you want help with your company’s backup and support? Be it business backup or personal backup, we can assist in empowering you to manage your needs to the fullest. Feel free to contact us anytime to know in detail.

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