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Server and Security

Take server and security protection, security service, on a serious note, and prevent hackers from attacks right in the way with the help of unmatchable server protection and security solutions! Be it website security, or 24*7 support, or security audit, or hosting service, or assistance with the VPS, SSL certificate, dedicated server or else, our more than 2 decades of experience is going to assist in the best way by entirely securing your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid server environments.
Servers are the backbone of any IT infrastructure. Thus, their security holds prominent importance and value. The aspects that ensure the safety and security of the server to the most are into consideration and it covers everything right from creating a system, to set up a firewall, securing the server room, assigning rights carefully, installation of an antivirus software, activating intrusion detection systems, encrypting sensitive data, training employees, and installation of centralized monitoring systems.

Server and Security Measures Offered:

On a broader note, we have divided server security measures into four zones.
  • Physical environment server room security – With server security, most people think of providing safety from attackers approaching online. But even using the existing Cloud revolution, servers are stored in server rooms and computer centers. It is important to check the hardware used in these rooms, ensuring their maintenance. A lot of physical risks are exposed to them, and any concern can impact the company. Along with the centralized monitoring system, it is vital to configure the sensors and alerts so that in case of any fluctuation, unauthorized access, or error message, the person can be notified.
  • Prevention actions performed on the server – Once the right location for a server is found, it is important to set them securely. We ensure to not only provide the constant access and overview of the servers but also take necessary measures by closing security gateways and loopholes.
  • Warding off attackers – A server’s security is equivalent to the number of ways through which it can be accessed from outside. Web, SMTP, mail servers swap data directly online, making it simple for malware to attack. Whereas, LDAP servers, databases, and many other internal network servers are not simple to attack. We ensure to block the attacking routes using antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, virus scanners, etc.
  • Minimizing the outcomes of successful attacks – In case, a hacker is able to gain access to the server system in spite of all the preventive measures taken, it is crucial to sniff out them as early as possible. To stop an attacker, it is a must to secure all the sensitive areas and keep an eye on the ongoing processes for malware including intrusion detection or prevention systems, encryption, TPMS, integrity checks, logging, monitoring, etc.
The key advantages of availing server and security services are as follows.
  • Maintain the authentication and integrity of different business processes
  • Keep employees, partners, consumers happy
  • Secure the company secrets as well as consumers data from any mishap or theft
In case, a server goes down, the entire company gets impacted leading to many factors like:
  • Data loss
  • IT failure
  • Disabled or faulty applications
  • Blocked access to services
  • Non-compliance with SLAs and contractual penalties for missing out deadlines
It is important to optimize the server security services and our experts ensure to minimize the risk of crashes, corporate situations, and other espionage to the core. Feel free to discuss the key strategy related to hosting services, set up a dedicated server, website security, and more assisting your business in offering long-lasting and extensive security against risks.

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