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G Suite / Office 365

G Suite and Office 365 are both cloud-based productivity suites providing the comprehensive array of applications and features used to conduct day-to-day business tasks, including the creation of documents and spreadsheets to video and e-mail conferencing, etc. Indeed, there are many benefits of using such cloud-based productivity suites such as improvised business operations, reduced costs to a greater extent, better accessibility to applications, lowered maintenance and internal maintenance, etc. Both have pros and cons, and it is always advisable to seek the guidance of an expert before starting something new.   

Which is best for our business?

Selecting a productivity business suite is a no-brainer at all. Google’s G Suite is much more robust and powerful fully featured enabled alternate to Microsoft Office 365. Though, both have pretty much in common. Both are charging businesses in accord to per-person basis each month, in differing tiers, subscription-based depending on the capabilities their users are seeking for. G Suite tool is web-based and can function in offline mode too. Office 365 is a desktop software version and has a less powerful web-based version of the application. Both operate well with a variety of devices and due to the web-based functionality, G Suite works in most of the browsers on any operating system without any hassle. Google provides apps for both iOS and Android versions. Microsoft Office client applications can be used across Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android browsers. The suites core applications cover spreadsheet, word processing, email, presentation, calendar, contact programs, messaging, video conferencing, etc. The individual applications need is a bit different as compared to the management tools used to take care of everything in a business environment. Every business has different needs and one can put a higher value on particular apps than others at times. It is important to choose the site with the best features and offering G Suite/Office 365 security to the most. Depending on the business and requirement, it can be easy to choose the right suite. If your business nature is more into collaborating documents and accessing the features that are simple to use, G Suite is the right fit for you. If your business needs to use powerful and sophisticated features that are best in collaboration, Office 365 is the right fit indeed. The features and plans are comparable, but G Suite indeed offers better value.  
We have over two decades of experience in helping our clients in setting up both G Suite and Office 365 migration services that can start your business with minimum fuss and at earliest as possible. We have a team of experts who can assist in setting up everything from scratch or migrating different features into an existing system in a well-planned way. Feel free to contact us anytime for the integration of a hassle-free G Suite/office 365 security service.

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