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PHP Development Frameworks for Agile and Robust Development

PHP Development Frameworks for Agile and Robust Development

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Considered and treated to be one of the most vastly reckoned and well known used server side scripting languages, PHP development is important and PHP is used widely in the development of websites and web applications. Many web developers and programmers all across the world are increasingly opting to avail this scripting language as more number of tools continues to be created regularly with an objective of improvising the efficacy of the programmable code. Many of the frameworks are attainable in the marketplace that let web development firms to build and render critical applications and sites in considerably less amount of time period. The major challenge though lies in the fact in selecting the one that suits best the needs and requirements of any business. Here follows some of the top class PHP agile and robust frameworks trending exclusively in the marketplace. Integrated with high-end user friendly characteristics and attributes along with extensive flexibility, these frameworks will assist the web development firms and companies worldwide in building effective and promising applications as well as sites for their valuable clients.

  • Laravel – A web application framework addressing an expressive and eloquent syntax, this framework objects to take the strain away of the web development process for web developers by providing them an easy access to few common jobs such as sessions, caching, authentication and routing. In addition, it provides the web professionals an accessible and powerful tool required for creating robust, agile and huge applications, along with extra added features and functionalities like expressive migration system, tightly integrated unit testing support and inversion control container. Laravel is perfectly suited for all projects of varied shapes and sizes. Built over the top of a wide number of Symfony components, it provides PHP personnel to create a solid foundation of well tested, genuine and reliable code to work with.
  • Codelgniter – This is a strong yet robust PHP framework with a small impression designed exclusively for those who were in a need of a simple yet classic toolkit for creating fully featured web applications. It works with about next to zero configuration, proffering highly simple based solutions to the web applications with critical requirements and do not address coding rules. Among its special and extraordinary characteristics are a dynamic and rich set of libraries loaded with functions along with the logical structures and a simple web interface to render an easy access to such libraries. It makes use of MVC controller approach, letting greater separation in between the logic and presentation that becomes peculiarly beneficial if the web developers are working on a project involving the usage of template files.
  • FuelPHP – Designed exclusively from scratch to proffer HMVC an integrated and efficient support with the typical MVC architecture, it is a simple and flexible MVC PHP 5.3+ framework. With ViewModels, also known as presentation models coming as an added extension, web developers have the choice of laying a strong yet robust layer in between the view and the controller. In fact, this is possible to extend possibly all the classes available in the core package of the framework without doing much changes and modifications to the code. Web applications can be created and build in a modular fashion by categorizing the modules into packages so that the code can be reused in the long run. All such web apps demand a water tight security feature and this is what FuelPHP framework renders. Outputs are encoded in fact, providing them high levels of security and averting them from any unwanted XSS attacks and intrusions. Adding to this, functions such as input filtering, QueryBuilder and CSRF prevention are also affirmed so that SQL injection intrusions can be prevented.
  • CakePHP – With this framework, PHP professionals can really speed up their web application development procedure by the use of specific code generation addressing rapidly created framework code prototypes. It does not involve any usage of any complicated and critical configuration, all you require to do is set up your database and all ready to begin your project. The most basic functions like validation, authentication, database access, caching and even translations are all blended into the same framework. In fact the package also involves MVC conventions to help and mentor in the application development process. This framework is capable and adequate of managing each facet of your web application, be it the initial phase and assistance of the user of the final page rendering. It also involves built-in tools and procedures for security, validation and protection against SQL injections and tampering so that you can make sure about the safety and security of your applications.

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