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Trends that Rule Mobile App Development This Year

Trends that Rule Mobile App Development This Year

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This year, it is definitely going to be more excitement and curiosity and everyone is looking forward to see the new changes that will happen especially in the mobile industry. As per a series of research studies, it has been revealed out that in the beginning level mobile app development is going to be an impressive year and with time there will be a promising market full of app and software development. Let’s cut all it out and have a brief look on the latest mobile app development trends that will rule and hit this year.

  • Android will beat iOS – Being on its highest peak, android is consistently rising and booming as a mobile platform. In fact, Apple is somewhere losing its tablet market share because of the same and it is estimated that android will take over this share. In 2013, android market share was 78% that rose to 80.2% by end of 2014 and is evaluated to rise in 2015 as well.
  • Decline in native apps – A radical change could occur and be noticed in the mobile industry with the rising of new platforms and features in mobile apps. Such enhancing capacities and capabilities of web apps will result in a decline of native ones. There is absolute no comparison in between web and native apps as native ones will decline in the market by this year. Honestly, in the business world, web designers will get informed and aware of the dangers of native apps and will accept the diversity of mobile apps.
  • Different variety of linked objects – Last year already saw the captivating app and it seemed that the trend will continue as a notch higher in this year. Recently Google comes up with a smart appliance manufacturer Nest along with introducing a smoke detector app, which is controlled by SmartPhone app. On the other hand, Samsung introduced a washing machine that is handled and operated with the help of Wi-Fi. The linked objects with software and apps will go on a higher level with improvised and better technologies. With smart and great video games consoles and TVs, this year it is going to be introduction of more eye opening and promising objects such as wearable technologies, household appliances and others.
  • Cloud application – With the help of cloud app, you can enjoy and reap the advantage of both web application as well as traditional desktop application, as cloud application is a hybrid of both of them. Cloud app proffers rich and great user experience, offline mode and a quick response to user experience in like no time. It lets you to share as well upload any file, do a prompt recording of your screen and take a screen shot of it. This year, cloud application is going to be written directly on the cloud and cloud authorized service providers will provide cloud hosted services to upcoming apps.
  • Parallax scrolling – Being treated as a wow factor to an application, parallax scrolling is a growing trend these days in web market along with the apps that improvises the visual appeal and the overall user experience. The movement of images and the depth becomes utterly beneficial and promising while designing the application. There are many reasons that make it an amazing factor as it is a tool that could develop interactive and dynamic user experiences, engage visitors for a longer period of time on a web page and let the content to be displayed on a single web page. Customers have even experienced the drawbacks such as it takes web pages to load in a greater time period, designing a responsive app becomes challenging though and last but not least it unable to function smoothly across all kinds of browsers. Above all, you cannot just ignore those amazing factors mentioned.

In all, the aforementioned mobile app trends will surely make the app market at one level higher. In addition, you can also notice some other changes such as the emergence of HTML as a popular mobile development platform, Meteor that is an application framework gaining huge popularity and application for wearable devices hitting the market on a global scale. New and improved trends have already created a buzz in the market and undoubtedly this year such trends are going to take the mobile app industry to a higher level. For mobile app developments, feel free to visit Web Outsourcing Team and get in touch with their skilled mobile developers at