Web Design Typography and Its Big Deal

For an amateur, there’s hardly any difference between ‘typography’ and ‘fonts’. The words are mostly used interchangeably leading to not a big deal as the general people will only going to talk about both in the superficial manner. Though, I always shake off because of this indifference and misguided attitude of web designers messing up around such basic concepts. Thus, thinking of this, in this post I have actually written about typography and why it plays a vital role in web designing field. And if still someone says something like ‘Typography is all about fonts’ then sorry to say but they all are inviting wreck of the worst type on their heads. Before moving on, let’s make it very clear in the starting that ‘Typography is not just about choosing the prettiest and appealing font. If any web designer is still struggling with this thought, he has either lot to learn or to unlearn.
So what actually is typography? It is the art of enabling human language with a durable and long lasting visual form. Similar to this, Ellen Lupton stated and always believed that – Typography is what language in real looks like. In simple manner, it is the technique of arranging everything together encompassing every single possible element that can affect web design involving colour palette, choice of typeface, point size, line length, design integration and layout.
Significance of typography – As it is intrinsic to web designing, most of the people are under same kind of impression that the significance and major objective of typography is to make things pretty and a website appealing. This is not true to the core in real terms. In fact, the main aim of a typographer is to ensure readability. So how much important is typography?
90-95% of the information at the web is content. And it would be logical and practical to say that web designers should get good training especially in shaping and directing content in a well presentable manner, in other words – typography. At Web Outsourcing Team, the web designers have good experience in typography and designing of websites. After all, it plays an important role in bringing back visitors and turns them into prospective clients. Hope, you find the information useful and an interesting read. Stay tune for more posts.

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