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The Techies Top 10 Approaches of Google Apps

The Techies Top 10 Approaches of Google Apps

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After a bit of research and study, we have created a list that is not only extremely helpful and diverse full with useful information but in fact is available for each type of Google user. In this post you can get an idea of the techies top used and preferred approaches of Google apps. Hope you all loved enjoying it reading till the last.

  • How to attach an email to another email in Gmail – While writing a Gmail message, have you ever impute or referenced a past e-mail? A lot of people prefer to include e-mail as an attachment irrespective of just copying and pasting it to the content. As your Gmail messages are not actually stored as individual files, there is not really another way out to do the same natively in Google apps.
  • How to access archived mails in Gmail – It is always recommended to archive messages in Gmail instead of deleting them forever. You may never ever know when you may want to access that message again and archiving process lets you do the same while deletion does not. One of the major issues with archived mails is though that that they are not immediately obvious how you can recover those messages.
  • Best add-ons for Google Sheets and Docs – This is true that add-ons were some of the biggest updates when it comes to Google Drive all throughout last year. Such light weight and robust tools assist to bring astonishing features to drive that were only available to those with little knowledge of Google Apps Script. You can anytime grab more information about the add-ons available from the beneficial Google forms.
  • Creation and reservation of appointment slots in Google Calendar – Appointment slots let users to set aside time blocks on their calendars where their students, clients or colleagues can reserve particular portions. Every calendar comes up with a unique URL specifically for the appointments page, so that it can be easily embedded or shared. This function is highly popular and famous in the education community where it is considered as ideal for teachers to specify particular office hours on their calendars. In addition, there are many other use cases as well such as small business owners who wish to inform their users about their availability.
  • Things you must know about the new Google Drive – Google apps and updates highly improvise your students’ learning experience. It is must for teachers, schools IT admins, principals and others who are interested in grabbing more information about the Google apps especially for education.
  • Ways to tailor Gmail, save time and add features – If you are using Google apps or Gmail, likely possibilities are that you are spending most of your time inside your inbox. We have already told and posted tips and measures how you can cut down and save the time you invest in there, but the concern is what if you wish to head in the opposite direction? In fact, might be you already feel your inbox is like your central resource all throughout the day, and if this is the situation why you want to limit that? If this is the way you feel, you can look for tools and tips for customizing your Gmail into a perfect alternative that will save your time.
  • How to create an e-mail signature in Google Apps – An email signature is the one of basic things that people notice for sure about your inbound mails. They can really assist in providing fruitful and beneficial information to your contacts, about your company branding and a lot more. You can develop your own catching email signature inside your Gmail inbox along with a companywide email signature with the help of a third party tool. One of them is HTML signature editor that in Gmail lets you to create attractive and eye catching signatures, though often users can create signatures that don’t align up with the company branding.
  • Managing shared folders in Google Drive – Google Drive is extremely helpful and considered as great for sharing individual files, but grouping them all like in folders is more useful to stay and feel organized within your team, and everyone. It is always advised to be a bit aware of before you start sharing sensitive information as sharing permissions can be a little tricky and irksome with folders most of the times. You can anytime create a folder similar to any other file in Google Drive and can apply the same sharing permissions and authorization as well. When you apply for sharing consents to a folder, it will nullify all of the existing authorizations of the contained files.
  • Automatically reply to e-mails in Gmail – This is something that cannot be done natively indeed could be done using a pair of few of our favourite and efficient tools. Canned responses lab and Gmail filters are extremely beneficial on their own and can be used in to automatically drive and reply to the incoming messages.

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