Firefox 20 Beta Brings Better Private Browsing

Recently, Firefox 20 Beta brings nearly two great features to the famous and reckoned open source web browser that is a new downloads manager and the other one is per window private browsing. If you really don’t want to wait for the release, you can go and download it online. The new per window model is more robust and intuitive as compared to the old method of browsing that will not only put your normal browsing session on hold but also hid it away somewhere and open a new private session. Now it becomes so easy and simple to have those private windows alongside the normal ones, quite handy and good especially for those who use two different Google accounts at the same time. The per window private window browsing mode mirrors is actually the one that you will find in Google’s browser and while browsing for a private browsing session, you just have to browse the new private window menu option. It will open a new window depicting a note that the browser will discard any download history, search history, cookies, temporary files or cookies for the websites you will visit in that window. The web pages and files you will download and bookmark will remain for sure safe. In addition, another major change is in the revamped downloads window. Firefox is the not the only one or first to get its download interface to the web, in fact eases the need to cycle through windows and hit the shortcuts to check if the downloads are done. If you want more information about the new overlay toolbar, the old one that is a separate window style download panel is still available there. Check on Beta notes and feel free to contact Web Outsourcing Team experts for latest updates and developments in web development and designing.

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