W3C Helps You Develop a Better Web Platform with ‘Web Docs’

The W3C that sees the development of HTML as well as other web standards is moving further mundane specifications with a new platform into developer documentation. Recently, the group has introduced a new venture of Web Platform Docs that is a community driven website, W3C is anticipating the go to source for acknowledging how to create the web.
In fact, in last few years HTML and CSS have grown considerably and remarkably. There are plenty of resources available online to learn more about the web, Opera developer network, Mozilla developer network, and Microsoft developer website and numerous tutorials are there to develop blogs. Though what you need to know could be challenging and tedious. After all you are a web professional, you should really spend more time in creating a better web, not simply on searching Google for precise information on web standards.
The objective of W3Cs web platform docs is double; one is to achieve tons of great documentation under single platform and the other and most challenging is to make sure that it stays up to date. Solving the second part is not at all a small task. The web is flourished with good tutorials on CSS and web sockets but unfortunately with time, the specifications of them changes. Nowadays keeping in tune with the rapidly changing web standards is a full time thing and about how you can use new tools and supporting browsers when actually the people are writing about standards and building browsers.
The W3C has managed to bring some of the best names on the web to develop web platform docs. And the representatives from Adobe, Opera, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Nokia and others will be contributing their expertise to the new website. So, if your head is overloaded with code snippets, tutorials, queries and solutions to common development issues, feel free to visit ‘Web Outsourcing Team’, a leading service provider of web development, designing, SEO solutions and other services.  The professionals could really help in suggesting some of the best-in solutions within your budget. Hope the post is informative and relevant and stay tune for more to read.

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