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How to Improve Your Web Development Skills ?

How to Improve Your Web Development Skills ?

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Top Pattern Libraries That Will Improve Your Web Development Skills: I used to do lot of writing and one of the essentials tools is the style guide. If I come across any doubt about the appropriate manner to deviate a phrase, there are few best editors available in web to say something about everything. If someone wants to play with web designing and development approaches though having less knowledge of HTML, JavaScript or CSS, then the best way to turn is the pattern library. Similar to language style guides, pattern libraries cater two major purposes. They suggest a set of designing standards and coding that web development expertise can apply across different websites, assisting to maintain constant coding approaches and appearance over the period of time and across many developers and professionals. On the other hand, they are a hub of suggestions for anyone who wishes to learn web designing and development best tactics from web professionals who have learned their trade on the front end. In this post, we have shared some of the best web designing style guides and pattern libraries that actually run the wide spectrum of best coding practices to true design pattern collections.

  •  Google HTML/CSS Style guide – This is a straight up coding style guide from Google featuring company’s advice to its coders detailing how to write and format their CSS and HTML. Most of the suggestions enlisted are fair such as beginning a new line or declaration in CSS and the structures are developed through years of experience and expertise and would be a beneficial start to create your own preferred style.
  • Yahoo pattern library – It is a true design pattern library providing solutions to design and develop solutions to all issues web designers and developers face covering how the search engine likes its professionals to handle interaction, navigation and layout.
  • A List Apart pattern library – This pattern library is an integral part of an attempt to open source their website. It involves the website’s solutions to design bugs along with the figurative HTML code snippets.
  • Responsive Web Design patterns – This pattern library covers more or less that will entail the details of responsive web designs comprising layouts to images with easy to understand and simple illustrations.
  • Interaction Design pattern library – This comprehensive pattern library proffers patterns for every situation a designer can encounter.

Along with this, at Web Outsourcing Team, our experts can help you in suggesting profiting and useful pattern library or style guide and other web related solutions. Feel free to share your views on the same.