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Top Notch PHP Tips for Developers

Top Notch PHP Tips for Developers

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After deep analysis and study, I made a list of most important points that could be helpful for web developers. In fact this is one of the best PHP tips list I can think of at present extremely helpful for developers. So, without any glitch, let’s directly go to the list.

  •  Go OOP – If yet, you haven’t entered the realm of object oriented programming then for sure you are at a disadvantageous side and you are falling behind fast. OOP or object oriented programming is basically an approach of programming using objects and classes that tie things together, take off the requirement for the repetition of code and conduct the basic activities of production in a simple manner. Objects are the classes that used to gather a bunch of functions and wrap them all in a wrapper, which can be easily reused again and again without any need to re-work on procedures or functionality each time you start doing something. Procedural programming in a particular way by following a routine from the top to bottom of every page as the web server reads each file on your server. With OOP, there could be one or two objects instantiated that in turn could instantiate more, varying from hundred to thousand of objects all depending on the performance of certain tasks as per passed variables into the objects. OOP is simpler to debug, quicker, simpler, uses less code and server resources and is extremely highly logical to work with once you are aware of the basic principles. So go OOP, it can actually change your developmental style forever and ever.
  • Stay away from anything ending with _once() – We all are aware of the truth that include() simply provides a warning in case it fails, whereas require() kills the script completely with a fatal bug when it fails. What is not forgettable is that require_once() and include_once() are extremely hard on server resources. This is something in which we cannot do anything; in fact it is how PHP is set up. Make sure that these things could kill your server resources completely, specifically on a global network and if you plan your code aptly you won’t even require it anyway.
  • Develop with error reporting on – The basic thing you should do for sure while starting a new project is to turn error reporting to E_ALL and it is recommended to turn it off only ten seconds before moving to production mode. Experienced developers do this with each project and trust us there is nothing more effective and promising rather than running a project in entirely full production mode and not even fetching one single error. In addition, with error reporting on, you can grab any errors if occurs that eventually grows up to hit you back in the final, so it is extremely helpful and useful to do the same.
  • Make use of a framework if you require one – Frameworks that assists you to do the things that are difficult then make sure to utilize the same though you will have to learn and grab information about the framework functionality to make things easier. Moreover you actually stand less opportunity of writing bad code especially when most of it has been written for you.
  • Make use of PHP’s inbuilt functions – So you wish to count the number of keys available in an array? Let’s do it and you can easily do it via an array and raise a value for each iteration. Apart from this, you can also make use of inbuilt PHP function count() that does exactly the same what it should. Also, PHP offers many inbuilt functions that can do what you require them to do, so simply check out the manual to make sure that what you are doing it is in the best possible way out.
  • Protect your database – The safest and one of the best ways is to make use of mysql_real_escape_string() for all kinds of databases before it is added to it. It makes all strings safe and secure in terms of functions and quotes that can hamper your database or comprise malicious code so make sure to use it at the very first step against the protection of your data. Other thing that you can do is validate and justify all Get and Post strings, to not make use of $_request, and assure all form submission of data is of right value and type prior adding it to any of a database query.
  • Use Post not Get – We understand that this is not always possible but whenever it is, try to make use of POST and not GET. The reason behind is extremely simple that is GET is easy to copy the actions for, and the need to do is to add something to my address bar so that no body can hack your project. For sure, GET is an easy way to do permalinks and pagination, but while using form submission make sure to use POST as it is secure and safer.
  • Draw before you code – It is always advised to wireframe your projects even if you are simply scrawling and jotting a few notes on a paper. It is vital to provide the mechanics of your application before just sitting down and begin coding as in the mid way of planning you have the chance to actually jug out the difficulties in your head and stay away from the worries that comes with them specifically when you wonder that everything you did is either silly, or not required or just wrong.
  • Understand your project – Just like an artist cannot draw anything that he has not seen before, and a singer cannot sang anything that he hasn’t heard before, it is also true that you cannot code any project until you have not fully understand it. If you do not understand how it needs to be done and what exactly has to be done, you cannot create it.
  • Code – Make sure that you cannot become a good web developer just by reading. Adding to this, you cannot even become good by simply watching someone doing coding and development. The only and only method that works is to write code. The trick is to work on building real things. Do not ever go and code something that you will never use nor has no interest in it. Create what you like, and if you are fascinated and amazed with it, you will for sure learn from it. Simply try to make it awesome, create it and make it effective and better.

Hope you find the information quite interesting to read. Stay tune for other posts as well. And yes for PHP developments, get in touch with a leading PHP web development company catering from years that is Web Outsourcing Team at The PHP developers will discuss your requirements first and then suggest the best possible PHP solutions within your budget and time frame.