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Tips to Turn Into a Google Drive Expert

Tips to Turn Into a Google Drive Expert

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Those who are very much new to Google Apps must be excited and interested to know more about Google drive. On one side, might be you have heard a lot about how useful and beneficial it is to use and access from a collaboration perspective, but on the other side may be you are unaware of the fact from where to get started. This post will really help you to turn you into a Google drive geek. Below mentioned posts and points will help to get started on the track to become an expert.

  • Make the transition simpler by using Google drive and Microsoft office – Are you one of those, who have recently made the move to Google but still feel reluctant to give up Microsoft office. On an honest note, Google drive blends well with Office specifically when you use more the desktop version of the drive. Installing and downloading the desktop version of Google drive lets you to save Office files and information directly to it, simply like any other folder. When you have an online platform and an internet connection, you can automatically sync your desktop version with the browser and such files are accessible from anywhere and at any point of time.
  • You can use Google drive offline – Google drive is an amazing platform to save your files in the cloud, and with a few steps it is easy to store and save them on your local machine as well. Google drive is actually available offline in your Chrome browser along with the Chrome operating system available especially for Chrome books.
  • Customize and tailor your Google drive with drive apps – Google drive offers myriad number of amazing features to opt from including Sheets, Docs, Forms and Slides. Though, many of you are not aware of the truth that it is simple to even customize Drive features by adding your favourite applications. There are lots of diverse Drive apps to select from. And the basic productivity tools are attainable to assist you save time at work and use amazing applications at home as well.
  • Adding your shared files to My Drive – Google drive is basically an amazing platform to store and save all your important files and documents including everything that your colleagues and friends have shared with you. The two major segments of Google drive that is My drive and shared one are in real quite different and it is always worthy to understand their both relationship. As such categories and sections are more like tags as compared to folders, so adding a file to My Drive won’t remove it from the shared one. Adding to this, there are a few tricks and steps that must be known for taking files from the shared folders and adding them all to your drive.
  •  Keep a track of all the changes in Google Drive with the new activity stream – Google drive lets all friends, colleagues and family members to work altogether on documents and files no matter where in the world everyone would be located and situated. Real time collaboration is highly amazing and magnificent as it provides the experience of working simultaneously even if everyone is in different countries and places. In fact if you are not available at the same place as your collaborator then it might be tricky to ascertain when edits and modifications have been made to those files.

Adding to this, a very different and new feature has been available now in Google Drive that gathers and surfaces all the information in the form of an activity stream. Now you can check and see if anyone is making considerable changes to a Spreadsheet, adding a presentation to a folder, commenting on any of the documents or sharing anything with a new hire. For other Google apps and web outs developments, you can get in touch with a leading brand name that is Web Outsourcing Team and visit their site at or mail your requirements at