Cloud Computing

Before cloud business applications have been very complex as well as costly since the amount and variance of hardware and software on which they were running are challenging. Whole team of experts was required to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update them.
So when it comes to expand this effort across numbers of apps, it’s easy to know why the giant companies with the best IT departments are not getting the apps they need.
With cloud computing, one can get rid of those headaches because managing hardware and software becomes the responsibility of an experienced third party vendor. Cloud works like a service: You only pay for what you need, upgrades are automatic, and scaling up or down become easy.
To run an application in cloud you just have to open a browser, log in, customize the app, and start using it.
Today businesses are running various kinds of apps in the cloud, like customer relationship management (CRM), HR, accounting, and much more. Some of the world’s largest companies have transferred their applications to the cloud after legally testing the security and reliability of their infrastructure.
Today cloud is available with new features including: Mobility and collaboration which are making business applications even more mobile and collaborative, similar to popular consumer apps like Facebook and Twitter.

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