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Web Trends We Would Like to See

Web Trends We Would Like to See

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There are few web trends that we all would like to see at online platform in the coming time. According to a survey conducted, these trends are the outcome of the users’ reviews and feedbacks that they love and cherish to see at web world.

  • Senseless scrolling – Visitors scroll with a specific purpose to check out what is next on your website. They basically scroll for information and details. Though, often time web professionals are taken away by amazing and magnificent scrolling effects and the processes in between loses its mature and practical sense and even slows down the user that is inadmissible in existing realities when everything is focused all around prompt content consumption.
  • Being responsive – The basic thing behind being entirely responsive is to be all across tablet, mobile and even desktop devices. It is not something like that we are trying to tell you that website responsiveness is like a muck or looks like filth, but in fact it is like a must-have for most of the advanced websites and online platforms. Though, there always exist few exceptions from any common stuff. Many of the websites that are great and appealing are not responsive as they don’t require the feature. If your website has heavy and massive background images, HTML5 animations, dynamic content and critical navigation bars, responsive themes will work great for them. It will be efficient and better to redirect your consumers directly to the mobile version, save their efforts as well as time; and don’t impact their onsite experience with a non perfect and appealing display and slow speed.
  • Browser compatibility – Your website doesn’t require to work or function in all browser versions including Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE, Android and much more. To look for which browser your clients select and opt is simple, you can simply check out the Google analytics report and have an idea. Why it is so vital and mandatory? Yes definitely by this you will save a bit of money that would be incurred otherwise on website development and will have more time to focus on other things.
  • Forms with labels inside the text boxes – What is the motive of a form field? It is basically there for the users to fill it with their information. So have you ever given a thought that why you will do it instead of them? You have already the space available outside the box to explain what you are looking for so don’t think to interrupt the conversation and place excessive barriers in between the people and their motives.
  • Retina graphics support – Sites that don’t support retina graphics can appear blurry on mobile and handsets with high pixel densities. This kind of trend has seen an improvement in terms of renewed interest in SVGs and universal font face glyphs craze that is scalable vector graphics.
  • Infinite scroll loading – Infinite scrolling that is also known as the technique when more number of images get loaded as the user scrolls down the web page has become like a standard especially for heavy image websites including Google+ and Pinterest photos. It happens as the web platform is becoming visual more and more with passing time. As the content rules, images appeal users’ attention a lot. Most of the image oriented sites on the web world make use of infinite scrolling to render better and effective user experience.
  • Mobile design patterns – With time, mobile has been gaining immense popularity and we will see the continuous growth of it in coming time too with a large amount of innovation specifically for mobile design patterns.
  • Customization and personalization choices – In the coming time, we expect and hope to visualize and see more e-commerce projects and trade offering customization options to users that is letting people to customize the items in accord to their needs. Just for an example, you would be capable to decide on what kind of graphics you wish to have on your body when you try on the new clothes in a virtual dressing room.
Along with this, web designers have figured out a list of top notch trendiest colours of the coming time. They are as listed below.
  • Hemlock – It is a light green with an oriental touch colour different from the emerald hues and classy mint because of its tenderness.
  • Placid blue – It is the light blue coloured pastel shade that is the hue of the sky, linked with serenity and peace and excellently goes with classic colours and pastel shades.
  • Sand – It is like the colour of coffee with milk that looks great with hemlock green shade.
  • Violet tulip – It is a quite feminine lavender shade that is vintage and romantic and evokes nostalgic memories.
  • Dazzling blue – It is a darker, stronger and brighter shade than pastel placid blue hue.
  • Celosia orange – It is a neon or bright shade of orange that designers highly recommend to blend it with violet tulip.
  • Radiant orchid – It is another shade of purple palette, quite similar to the shade of fuchsia and looks extremely good with neutral shades.
  • Freesia – It is a bright sunny blazing yellow colour that holds its position strong.
  • Coral red or Cayenne – It brings some peace and serenity of neutral pastel shades and ideally complements each one of them.
  • Paloma – It is a gray shade that is neutral in nature and looks perfect in combination or as standalone with other colours.

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