Google Takes off Privacy Feature from Android Mobile Software

It has been determined out that Google Inc. takes off an experimental privacy feature from its efficient Android mobile software that actually allowed consumers to block web and mobile applications from retrieving and fetching personal details like user’s location, address book data and more. As per this change, it means that those owners of smart phone users using Android version 4.4.2 that is the latest version of the world most famous and effective operating system for mobile devices introduced this year, for them it is mandatory to provide that access to their personal information and details in order to utilize specific apps.
In accord to a company spokesman, the specific feature has been included in the version by accident specifically in android 4.3 versions that has been released during last summer. In fact at the recent Electronic Frontier Foundation, the technology project director names Peter Eckersley stated that initially we are careful and apprehensive of such kind of explanation and so not even thought that it will work out and will justify the reason behind removing the feature instead of improvising it. Even the digital rights website publicised the same in one of their posts. The Android users who want to retain their privacy controls and functions by not upgrading to Android 4.4.2 could be liable and accessible to security risks. In fact, for a time being, it is important for the consumers to choose in between the security or privacy on the Android devices but definitely not both.
Many of the third party applications used and accessed for the Android devices like famous and efficient Smart Phone flashlight apps and even the appealing music identifying services such as Shazam need access to personal data that not necessarily have an access and an obvious connection with the application’s functionality like location data or phone call information. This privacy feature let users to select and pick which personal information a third party application can accumulate. For this, consumers had to install different and special Apps Ops Launcher software that was developed by another firm in order to access the hidden privacy controls. Android software was loaded approximate 81% of all Smart Phones shipped and delivered all across the world in the third quarter of the year as per the industrial research and survey conducted. With passing time and in this technological modern era, privacy has been like the most important issue as Smart Phones that are loaded and filled with users personal information and has been also the basic computing device for most of the users. Even Google agreed to pay certain amount of money to settle and negotiate allegations that it secretly tracked web consumers by putting up special digital files on the particular web browsers of their Smart Phones. Apart from this, for other Google web outs and related apps and services, feel free to connect with Web Outsourcing team who has been backed with specialized bunch of developers that excel in different fields and would be glad to serve you the best development solutions according to the need and requirement of the client and project. Be free to visit their website at Hope you all find the post knowledgeable to read on.

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