Database Management System

Facts that have implicit meaning and can be recorded is called Data.
Database is a collection of related data with an implicit meaning , having the following properties:
(i) It represents some aspect of the real world, sometimes called the miniworld. Changes to the miniworld are reflected in the database.
(ii) A database is designed, built and populates with data for a specific purpose.
Database Management System
DBMS is a collection of software for accessing the data contained in the database. It provides convenient and reliable method for defining, strong and retrieving data from the database and provide a centralized control over the data. It also prevents unauthorized access to the database. It provides optimum privacy to the data contained in the database.
Advantages of DBMS
(i) Integrity constraints to be enforced.
(ii) Provide multiple user interfaces.
(iii) Controlling redundancy.
(iv) Efficient procedure for backup and recovery.
(v) To represents complex relationship among data.
(vi) To restrict unauthorized access of the data.

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