Google Introduces App that Bring Live Channels to Android TV

Google recently introduced an app that will allow Android TV devices and equipments to see live television. The app was released and renowned simply as the “live channels for Android TV”, just appeared on Google Play with no announcement or any word from the brand and leading search engine. Though this is not as surprising and astonishing as it sounds, but you can’t install it on any tablet or your existing phone operating on Google operating systems. As the boring name appears, this app clearly means and depicts the living room variant of Android and at present the flawed and improper Nexus player set top box is your only choice in. But many more devices are undoubtedly on the same way.
Though, this is also true that live channels won’t eventually allow you to tune up with network TV without the significant and essential hardware. According to Google, it can display input from a built in tuner, its own dedicated tuner, IP based tuners and much more. And once you got the signal, the app will simply provide standard TV features and functions such as closed captioning, picture in picture and some of the great level of parental controls as per the screenshots. Moreover there also appears a split view that provides a better and larger look at two of the channels in a simultaneous manner.
Android TV is Google’s latest effort to dig out a spot especially in consumer living rooms. And since it is off to be a promising and lucrative beginning, the key issue it confronts right now is the content and spreading its app ecosystem. Supporting live TV is not going to solve that issue rather it checks off a significant task, even if Google’s first version of the application is constrained and limited to the bare essentials. Though there are plenty of loops and work that is pending and needs to be done, but it is always good to see Google moving and heading along to carve out the early holes in Android TV. Web Outsourcing Team is a pioneering name in the field of web designing and development from years. Catering both national and international market arenas, the company’s experts are great in developing Google web outs and other apps. For more information you can always visit them at or write down to them at The experts will contact you in as soon as possible manner and avail the best-in solutions in the web industry at amazing prices.

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