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Top Google Apps Updates that Might You have Missed

Top Google Apps Updates that Might You have Missed

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Each month we all look out for Google updates including the tools and features available to all Google app users improvising the products and addition of exciting and interesting new features. Though we expect a lot but sometimes we missed some of the best shot happenings. Along with introducing some really new and exciting features, they also made a big change to e-mail since Gmail was founded about a decade before. We are quite excited about this announcement of inbox and the continued improvements about Google Forms, as well as other great and amazing changes done to Google Drive. Kindly check out the list we made especially for our readers covering our favourite updates that might you have missed and if not, do make sure to comment which one you liked the most.

  • Google introduces Inbox, a completely new way to do e-mail – Inbox is a revolutionary and subversive way for all Google users to handle their e-mails, focus more on what is important and filter out the noise. There are brand new tools attainable for the same such as e-mail highlights, similar messages, snoozing and reminders. Though, it seems like a replacement for Gmail at a glimpse, but trust us Google is not positioning it in that way. Gmail continues to be available for almost everyone and it is very much unlikely that Inbox makes its all way out to Google apps any time soon.
  • Add amazing, customized features to Google Forms blended with add-ons – You all know about the different add-ons for Google Sheets and Docs, along with the tools that bring the advanced functionality of Google app script into a much more interactive and user friendly interface. The good news is that these add-ons are available now for Google Forms and those few things that might you had wishes are finally possible to do. Just for an example, you can not only close a Form after a few trial and number of submissions, but also able to set an end date for it and automatically develops Docs in accord to the Form information.
  • Finally spell check is available in new Google Sheets – When the new version has been introduced, it has been noticed by many of us that many features and attributes from the old version are removed. Few of them are slowly introduced in the new version including a very much new feature finally added to them is the Spell Check. This feature does the same as it does with Slides or Docs. The information fetched is directly from the web so it is like always update, and you can anytime add words to your dictionary in order to avoid getting repeatedly asked to change words.
  • Now you can manage revisions in the new Google Drive – If you are making use of Google Drive to edit or store any non Google file or a Microsoft file, it can be difficult and confusing specifically when you are uploading different versions of the similar kind of file. With the help of managing versions in Google Drive, you can easily anytime delete a file if it is no longer available and relevant for you or assure that only and only your collaborators are seeing the correct file. In the previous version of Drive, manage revisions was actually available though this time it just made its way to the new drive. It is great especially for those working with PDFs, office files, images and lot more.
  • Customize images in Google Slides with exciting and interesting new filters – A few months back, Google gave you the functionality to crop as well as add borders to images in Slides and now days they are bringing you even more personalization and customizability. The new and different ‘Image Options’ button makes creation of appealing and eye catching presentations even simpler. This kind of brand new button provides you the ability to manage the brightness, transparency and even the contrast of images, still making it incredibly simple to get back to the original version. Moreover you can select in between 19 different filters to tailor your images.
  • New support options for users and Admins – Recently Google had made a coordinated attempt to consistently improvise support choices for Google Apps with the chat support introduction. Though this feature is accessible only for Admins but the good thing is to get help inside of Google apps available with a very interesting and unique option. Along with the chance to do chatting with Google in their help center, Admins will get the facility soon to reach out the support directly via phone inside of Drive, Gmail and more. And especially if you are an end user, trying and attempting to figure out how to use Gmail, you can actually access famous and reckoned support articles in directly out of your inbox.

Hope you find all the Google apps so much interesting and fascinating to read on. For other Google updates and any Google web outs developments, you are free to visit one of the pioneering service provider from years in the web industry that is Web Outsourcing Team at