The Top 10 Web Designing Trends of 2013

This seems to be the perfect time to look back at some of the hottest and amazing web designing trends of the year on the world web. Before we go deeper into the same, might be you are wondering what makes a particular design hot and trendy? Honestly speaking, if a specific design gets popped up exclusively across the web, we consider it to be a trend. The more that trend is adopted and used by visitors across the web, the hotter it becomes. Hope this makes sense to you all. Great, let’s start with our thoroughly researched list.
[list style=”star”][li]Responsive Design –This approach is the one in which a web layout gets fitted in order to suit multiple device profiles, screen sizes and increasingly customer profiles. The logic is that a single code is used to showcase a website with individual style sheets handling layout for varied devices. The best and friendly responsive web design not only juggles around the content on the web page but also consider the display of content, images and navigation covering mobile pertinent content to be squeezed over the Smartphone sized screens. It is becoming increasingly popular with time, credit goes to the beneficially new CSS3 modules and the one major reason that this trend is still going on and on. [/li] [li]Flat Design – With the browsers started to support CSS3 properties for text shadow and box shadow designs, the counterfeited 3D real world effect was not only bounded to simple shadow effects. In this year, even Apple gets popular for its morphed and appealing app designs adopting the digital approach, simple flat colours and neat and clean interfaces. [/li] [li]Static Headers – Such types of headers remain on the screen as the customer scrolls down a website providing constant access and navigation to the search field along with absorbing the branding at nearly all times. This trend is in vogue as finally designers can use the position including a vital part of the CSS2.1 specification without worrying whether the browser will support the styling or not. [/li] [li]Parallax – This year parallax effect has hit the web platform with style and appeal. Widely used and accepted to suggest a great sense of counterfeit 3D and depth, this method moves different element planes at varied speeds concerning to where the viewpoint and elements are supposed to reflect and show. In fact, it is very promising and beneficial especially when deployed well, and is been one of the biggest web design trends this year exclusively when used in conjunction with single web page or infinite scrolling web designs. [/li] [li]Infinite Scrolling Websites – You would have for sure notice the move towards single page sites that appear to scroll like ever and ever. This kind of approach to web navigation avoids the idea of individual pages for distinct bits of content, compassed to drift them vertically and eventually dodging the requirement to refresh to access the content or need for a page load. [/li] [li]Support for Retina Displays – This trend has become popular as per the direct need of the changing hardware market. With the introduction of Retina display for iPhone, it becomes necessary for other devices to follow the suit and other products are using the same displays capable to show pictures and videos of more than 200 pixels per inch. [/li] [li]Typographically LED Designs – With the outburst and explosion of web fonts along with the leading web font publishers forcing desktop sync services during 2013, it was nearly mandate to gush into typography LED web designs.[/li] [li]Circular Design Elements – All credit goes to the extensive usage of CSS3 border radius property and circular design elements, they can be spot everywhere from pull up quotes to simple badges to image frames. Some of the web designers have even taken this to extremes proffering amazing circular based web designs to be displayed making use of CSS. [/li] [li]CSS3 Animations – All credit goes to the browser adoption of transition properties and key frames available in the latest versions of the CSS specifications. [/li] [li]Supersized Buttons – It is the last but one of the hottest and amazing web trends of this year. The word supersized doesn’t necessarily mean ‘too big’ but bigger than the traditional button that you can figure out in a web layout. This approach is really a fruitful way to draw attention of many of them and they have caught this time in a big way. [/li] [/list]
Hope, all the hot and great web trends have been enlisted here. Let us know your views over the same.

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