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2013 – The Year of PHP

2013 – The Year of PHP

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This proves to be an amazing year for the entire PHP community, and all credits goes to the much needed and awaited features to be added to the version 5.4 along with the innumerable projects modernizing the platform PHP to the next level. It could be a shock for you all but for many of you PHP language as a whole and the PHP professionals are not very promising. You must be aware of the same, especially if you have put down a thought to learn Ruby in the last few years due to some extra pressure. Well quite similar to many other life’s significant questions, there is no as such clear cut way to answer all of them. After doing a bit of research online, for some PHP arguments, you will note down that approximately 80% of the arguments against PHP are grounded in ignorance in one form or another. For beginners, who really have no idea about PHP platform and its working, all the end results are like questions and queries similar to other new language. Apart from this, there are developers who do not keep themselves updated enough about other languages and frameworks apart from the ones they currently use. Such types of people usually make arguments and pull out stuff like Ruby and Rails is much easier and simpler to use as compared to PHP.

Another form of misconception arrives from the people who do not keep themselves aware of the PHP advancements and enhancements over the years. Irrespective of this, they still believe and conceptualize the language that existed years and years ago. This also concludes in statements like PHP is not object oriented and so. Last not least, there are intelligent developers too believing that PHP can’t scale and has no standard that is entirely false. Scaling has very less to do actually with the language and it is much more associated with the server and how your apps are structured and defined. Now, when it comes to standards, it takes Google search for PHP FIG.

PHP is not perfect

Although, it is to be believed that there is truth in every analysis. PHP is not perfect and when it comes to the deployment of core features and functionalities, the language is inconsistent. Such kinds of arguments are completely valid and to an extent true. Such inconsistencies are not without any specific reasons though. Earlier, it was referred as a templating language then gone through several paradigm shifts turning it into a functional language like C and finally in a fully OOP language that we enjoy at present. In addition, many other practices and approaches have been emerged and many people have been in control of what actually has been added. It resulted in lots of different forms of codes in one language.

Why PHP is Important

Always think about your project and intricacies before getting into it, and stocking in. Many a times, you were there to write some code but lose something in translation process. It is important while doing planning for the code; it should not be there to lose an integrity or functionality of the process while implementing the same code. Other common issues arises while writing code for bigger projects as in most of the cases, you end up with multiple files and classes that have their own dependencies. And finally you are left with a twisted version of functionality that is difficult to keep a track of and maintain. As concluded, this is for sure an exciting and interesting time for PHP developers and professionals. Many of the deep-rooted problems could not be fixed. And some could be easily remedied and solved. What do you think? Getting on board and all set to use the platform.