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The world in the PHP driven virtual domain is fast changing with every passing day. The developers and designers are consistently hunting for more stable and error free technologies to enhance the working capability of various systems and subsystems integrated under the server side scripting language. You must be thinking that keeping up with this trend might be an expensive exercise requiring extensive inputs of money and time, but in fact it is not at all true. The scads of programmable codes and editions of pre-hypertext processor language can easily be obtained from open source stockpiles of free license resource facilities. The older and vulnerable versions are being constantly shelved and superseded by the more agile and smoother upgraded editions. This has been made possible by the efforts put in by the developers who have dedicated their professional efforts into churning out more user friendly and easily adaptable technologies from their designing stables. These systems are laid at the disposal of the users for a minimal cost. The additions and upgrades do not cost a fortune, but they do enable you to get the latest PHP Development Tools without any major hassles. The array of tools has expanded manifolds over the years, and the available variety offers you all the liberty to choose the best and most suitable option for development of your own websites. Taking an overview has revealed some new additions to the product array in PHP Based Development media. The most prominent of these include [list style=”arrow”][li]Php fast cache – This is an open source caching library facility. This application is available in a single file configuration. The biggest advantage of this facility is that it can be integrated with the prevailing system with a seamless effort. It allows the developers to make provisions for multiple caching techniques including memory caching, Opccode caching apc, wincache, full memory and partial and full file caching, and Php data object caching, etc.. This application also offers the developers an unprecedented freedom of defining the time frame of caching.[/li][li] ICE coder – this application has turned out to be a prominent open source browser code editing facility. Some of the salient features of the Php Development Tool include[/li][li] The attributes of this facility enables the users to design their websites directly through the modern day improvised web browsers. Development of a portal directly through a browser allows the designers to customize the web portal and test the attributes of the designed portals on the web servers simultaneously. [/li][li] This has made life quite easy for the designers, because now the tasks of maintenance and optimization of portals has become quite easy[/li][li]Being lighter and improved version of earlier code editors, ICE coder takes little time to boot[/li][li]Whoops – a library for flawless error determiner and debugger. This tool has efficient stand alone program logic. Its operation provides stack based error handling and rectification. The process functioning aspect of this facility includes[/li] [li]Easily expandable and adaptable factor. You can incorporate this tool with existing libraries[/li][li]A flawless, clearly defined & proven code-base The improvisations into the open source coding are an ongoing process, and one can expect more of these as the time progresses. There are more to be discussed in the following blogs. Keeping following[/li][/list]

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