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WordPress 3.0 has been released and available in Beta version. You can use it for a test drive and check out some cool attributes and functionalities available in the new release. Many of you are using the same content management system for blogging purpose but this new release can develop just more than that especially for managing content in a more hassle free manner. It was firstly introduced in year 2003 as a CMS intended for bloggers but at present it is one of most famous and demanded blogging software available. With time, it is constantly upgraded with new features that make it possible to use the platform as a full site content management system rather than just as a blogging marketplace. In fact, many large business and corporate websites are using the platform as their CMS. Undoubtedly, WordPress 3.0 has expanded the chances for developing a new fully fledged website with a user friendly and popular content management system for clients.
The new and the most exciting feature of this release is the menu management feature incorporated in the default installation. Prior to this, it was also possible to create a dynamic menu with some WordPress skills or plug-ins. Though, it was never ever very easy to achieve the same and made it super simple. You can add categories, pages, and even custom site links in accord to the demand and need of the project. With the help of custom website links options, you can directly link to the web posts or whatever you want. The set up is done in a very friendly and simple manner quite similar to the existing sidebar widget area where it is easy to drag and drop and make it customize in the way you want.
Right now, you can create posts and pages with the platform. In this version, you cannot only create your own custom post types but also set up the appropriate fields to go along complimenting each other. When a customer wants to add a new post type, they will love to add it in as simple way as it could be. They don’t want to go through a complicated process and explain why they need to add a new post, click on a specific category and fill the custom field. It would be whole one step process and customers will love the same.
For a while, WordPress MU has been defined as a separate entity but now it has been integrated in WordPress 3.0. MU lets you to maintain multiple websites from a single admin panel and is great for anyone that runs more than one website or blog and would like the directness and integrity of logging in once and maintaining them all from a single platform. The features are especially beneficial if such websites share templates, content or plug-ins. To be honest, with this version WordPress has moved leaps and bounds and will sure be a hit in the long run. Feel free to get in touch with WordPress professionals at Web Outsourcing Team to acknowledge more how these new features could help in delivering more user friendly and efficient CMS. Stay tune for more to come!

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