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PHP Development Frameworks and their Benefits

PHP Development Frameworks and their Benefits

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PHP is vastly acknowledged and well known used as a server side scripting language for creating websites and different web applications. PHP web developers opt for the same language as more number of tools is developed on daily basis that boosts the programming efficacy and performance. There are several frameworks available at web platform that lets PHP web development and designing firms worldwide to create as well as provide complex websites and applications in a very less period of time. The major challenge comes to choose the one that is experienced enough to suit your needs and prerequisites. Some of the biggest positives of using PHP scripting language are as follows:

  • Lightweight and quick application development
  • Compatibility of code
  • Standardized application well structured architecture
  • Easy and simple debugging
  • Online assistance, community and forums
  • Code editing and modification functionality

There are many PHP frameworks available in the market. A skilled and experienced web development firm will be capable to create web applications in almost every major vertical and horizontal. The top class PHP frameworks available at present in the market are mentioned in below that are exclusively user friendly and deliver great flexibility and robustness to them.

  • Cake PHP – It is well known for letting quick and prompt development of web applications. The most significant attribute that let PHP web professionals to feel attracted to this framework is that there is no need to install the whole package. All they have to do is to install the database and start development around it. Cake PHP is one of the simplest web applications especially for beginners and it also lower down the coding effort needed in other frameworks.
  • Smarty PHP – Often known as Smarty template engine, it is a framework that suits almost every professional. No matter whether you have to create a small web application or meet the bigger requirement, you can use the same for everything. This great beneficial and useful application separates application presentation layer from the logic layer. Supported by thousands of template syntax plug-ins and enhancements, it proffers PHP streaming support for web application development.
  • Zend – It is one of the most acknowledged and extensively used PHP frameworks. It is composed of several individual components that handle in all the common tasks in PHP development. Zend framework grants web professionals to create applications much quicker than the traditional coding protocols and methods. Along with providing all round the clock technical support via cluster manager and server, it is most applicable for web developers who wish to create advanced and sophisticated applications that are somewhat critical to handle.
  • Symphony – Also known as full stack framework, it employs the best approaches of PHP scripting language coding letting web developers to devise applications that are extremely diligent and allow them the opportunity to use their talent to the fullest. It also provides a library that is extremely beneficial and fruitful in rapid development of web applications.

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