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Typography and Web designing is not a Plaything

Typography and Web designing is not a Plaything

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I find it both shocking and surprising that it has been several years but very little has been changed in the mindset of average web designers worldwide. Still, web designing is all about fancy and appealing graphics and typography is about fonts. Why it is difficult to give importance to web designing? Why the professionals pretend that apart from colourful theatrics, eye catching illustrations and graphics, the most important factor for visitors coming to websites is content? If you will compromise a little on how it is presented and showcased, this is for sure that it will impact the content’s accessibility and readability. If you still want to read forward, few major reasons why typography should not be trifled with are mentioned in below.

  •  It depicts a visual summary of the site – Haven’t you ever saw at a site and thought that this is perfect one that is so business alike. With similar kind of examples, typography can help. Apart from the look and feel of a website, the attributes playing pivotal roles can be influenced by the type of colours and fonts and the arrangement of text on a webpage. One brief look at the web page is all it takes as either it will last a good experience on your audience or make them away forever.
  • Carries the brand forward – This is true that typography plays an important role in branding. You don’t believe me? Do a simple experiment. Choose any of the popular brands and change its type face and fonts and finally look at it. It will for sure change your entire perception and idea about that brand. Isn’t it? You feel like you stepped into a different world where things are different, changed and could be placed in a better way? The logo builds the identity of your brand carrying it forward to a much greater extent. If you are capable to attain overall harmony in between font, typeface and logo, for sure it is a big achievement in your hands.
  • Makes content look appealing – Before moving on in this discussion, I would like to throw some light on this matter quickly. Typography cannot make bad content look attractive. The most well written and relevant content could look flat when placed in uneven font type and colour. On the other hand, even a semi decent content placed in an appealing way couldn’t resist visitors and leave them with no option unless to read it.
  • Maintain consistency on the website – Good and efficient typography pulls a website altogether. By maintaining uniformity and harmony in between all elements of a webpage like size, font, colour, typeface and more, a typographer assists enhance user experience and turn conversion rates climbing in the sky.

In all, there is no denying that typography has the potential to change your visitors’ perception and their engagement with the website. Along with impacting conversions and effectively placing the content, it is high time to focus more on typography as a powerful and efficient tool that can actually take your website places.