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Recently, we have conducted a survey about the massive security attack against WordPress websites. Causing a real problem, the mere fact is that WordPress is the best and most popular platform available online. In this post, you can actually grab few tips through which you can keep your website spam free and secure. WordPress users have to be keen about few things for sure i.e. it attracts hackers attention easily and there is a myriad number of tech savvy guys out there endeavoring to inject malicious code into websites. If the people leave comments on your website, you will be badgered with spam comments that are nothing but promotional links backed to someone’s dodgy websites. In addition, make sure to take back up of your website for sure otherwise you would be in a world of pain if somehow it gets damaged.
Sucuri’s solution is not enough for WordPress security. It not only tweaks your website to better repel invasion but thoroughly monitors it and sends a malware if some threat is detected. Along with responsible for scanning the server from outside, it picks up bugs at every level and if the hacker breaks through the defences somehow, it will remotely clean it up and sometimes clean up undergoes the damage.
Our back up tool of choice is BackupBuddy. Along with taking a full copy of the entire content including images and text, it stores the stuff at Dropbox or Amazon S3 storage using BackupBuddy’s Stash cloud service. Last but not least, with the ease of its implementation, WordPress is a great tool to represent different facets of the world but only till the long you have apt security and back up covered.

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