File management changes in Windows 8

1. If the system detects any duplicate file, then the user has the option to automatically remove those files. These duplicate files are discovered based on their date, time, and size.
2. Windows 8 is having much better transfer tool compared to previous versions that can be experienced while copying files. If the user is using a faster connection, then the system will automatically use, the faster speed to copy files.
3. Windows 8-transfer function won’t allow interrupting of copy procedures to display any issues or interrupts rather it wait till the copy procedure is over and then only the copy issues will be displayed.
4. In previous Windows version, the scrolling issues were encountered while expanding folders in explorer, which has been solved in Windows 8.
5. Picture orientation doesn’t need any editing in Windows 8.
6. Using Windows 8, users can now pin folders that are viewed frequently to the Start Screen.

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