Cyber Laws

The internet is growing quickly and has given rise to new opportunities in every field we can think of like: entertainment, business, sports or education.
Internet also has its own disadvantages. Cybercrime is one of them. It is an illegal action committed on the internet. Internet has also disclosed us to security risks that come with connecting to a large network. Internet today are being misused for illegal activities like e-mail spying, credit card fraud, spams, software piracy and so on, which attack our privacy. Criminal activities in the cyberspace are rising continuously.
What is Cyber crime?
Let’s have a look at the definition of Cybercrime: “It is a criminal activity committed on the internet. This is an extensive term that describes everything from electronic cracking to denial of service attacks that cause electronic commerce sites to lose money”.
These cyber crimes can be divided into following categories:
1. Cybercrimes against persons: Cybercrimes committed against persons involve different crimes like transmitting of child-pornography, harassment of any one with the use of a computer such as e-mail. The trafficking, distribution, posting, and publication of foul material as: pornography and indecent exposure, constitutes one of the most important Cybercrimes known today. This is one Cybercrime which threatens to weaken the development of the younger generation as also leave broken scars and ruin on the younger generation, if not controlled.
2. Cybercrimes against property: The second category consists of  Cybercrimes against all forms of property. These crimes include computer spoiling (destruction of others’ property), transmitting of malicious programmes.
3. Cybercrimes against government: The third category of Cyber-crimes relate to Cybercrimes against Government. Cyberterrorism is one distinct kind of crime in this category. The growth of internet has shown that the medium of Cyberspace is being used by individuals and groups to threaten the international governments as also to terrorize the citizens of a country. This crime manifests itself into terrorism when an individual “cracks” into a government or military maintained website.
The reality is that no computer system in the world is cracking proof. It is co-operatively agreed that any and every system in the world can be cracked. The recent denial of service attacks seen over the popular commercial sites like E-bay, Yahoo, Amazon and others are a new category of Cyber-crimes which are slowly emerging as being much risky.

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