AI with IOT

“The thing that’s going to going to make artificial intelligence so powerful is its ability to learn, and the way AI learns is by looking at the human culture.” -- Dan Brown

Artificial Intelligence has captured the imagination of humans for quite some time now, and we are finally witnessing its development into a game changer. AI is something that draws attention from almost all class, creeds and several other aspects of society. What makes AI so fascinating is its untapped potential. There has always been an enigma attached to AI, sometimes this enigma also manifests itself into fear. But one thing is certain, if used positively, AI can transform the world for good. The most special thing about AI as Dan Brown quotes, is its ability to learn. Learning is perhaps the key factor behind the unimpeded growth of humans into the most advanced race that ever existed. And by forging this virtue of learning into the machines, we open ourselves to limitless opportunities.
Internet of Things is another concept that addresses the key areas of our daily life. Simply put, IoT is all about connecting almost everything we use to the internet. If came to fruition, IoT will brings smartness to things we use, something AI seeks for. IoT has long been seen as the key to digital transformation and it holds power to impact almost every sector of the society. IoT has also started to slowly creep its way into our lives. Some of the prime examples of its existence in our lives include IPAs, connected cars, smart watches, smart homes, smart retails, smart cities and so on. IoT is implicitly becoming an integral part of our life. IoT is the future we dream of, a future where even the immortals are virtually mortal.
If we delve deeper, perhaps AI and IoT serve a very similar objective. While AI seeks to impart intelligence into machines, on the other hand IoT seeks to make things smarter by virtue of Internet. Perhaps, AI and IoT are as close as intelligence and smartness. Both are figments of humans fantasies and dreams, both negate the saying that need is the root of all discoveries. AI is blazing through so many fields that it feels like an ocean where all technical innovations are meant to merge. And maybe it’s time for IoT to merge with this ocean of AI. If handled well, AI and IoT can be the perfect companion to forge something extraordinary.
It is not just an idea now, organizations around the world have already started applying the power of AI to IoT. The belief has started circulating that the future of IoT is AI. Objective of IoT and capabilities of AI compliment each other perfectly. IoT has the power to generate ample amount of data for AI to harbor its learning. Whereas AI is ideal for creating smarter machines. Here we will look at some of the most interesting ways where IoT and AI can come together.
Making IoT more secure with the help of AI
One of the biggest issues that IoT faces is the issue of security. With the access of internet to every device, we will be to exposed to several threats like cyber attacks, hackers, viruses and so on. The physical access of devices to someone with ill intentions is also a challenge that IoT faces. With our data now accessible through various devices, we run the risk of compromising on our privacy. And this may also unfold several other risks like revealing our private data to unsocial elements. AI can help make IoT more secure by helping the device forecast the risk in a better way and act accordingly. Also, risks can be best tackled with intelligence and intelligence is what brings to the machines.
Enhancing the overall quality of the products
Machine learning and deep learning have given a new dimension to the field of AI. They have completely changed the landscape of learning mechanisms. They give machine the power to learn by itself without human intervention. With the amount of data at our disposal with the help of AI, a perfect scenario is created for deep learning powered fields like natural language processing and computer vision. Natural language can help make machine more interactive and human like. Computer vision applications can power the machines to look at the world and interpret it like we humans do. AI can help in several fields like navigations, routing, speech and signal processing, etc.
Optimising operations
One of the biggest strength of AI is the power of optimisation. Machine learning concepts can help optimise a machine’s performance. It can help forecast risks and failures, thereby mitigating huge losses. They can use the streams of data to detect patterns that are otherwise undetectable by humans and brings surprising results. Moreover, AI can also predict operating conditions thereby helping in better planning and management.
AI helping unlock the potential of IoT
Indulgence of AI in IoT related is increasing day by day. Major IoT vendors are providing AI integrated capabilities such as analytics based on machine learning. The data generated by sensors and devices can be used by AI to detect crucial patterns, anomalies and generate insights from the data. AI can be used for analysis of this data which can help optimise the performance of the machine. Machine learning approach to IoT can help achieve several times faster and more accurate results.
The amount of investment in AI has helped it splash into Internet of Things. Companies working on IoT are already exploring the capabilities of AI to help boost the overall quality of their product. The venture capital funding of AI focused IoT startups is also growing very fast. And giant of IoT based platforms like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, etc have already investing hugely on AI capabilities. It remains to be seen what else is in store for AI and IoT, and how many figments of our dreams are yet to be manifested into reality.

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