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HTML5 and CSS3 – Take Your Design to Next Level

HTML5 and CSS3 – Take Your Design to Next Level

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To take your design level one step up, take out the time to familiarize yourself with some of the below mentioned pointers and achieve that neat look and feel for your website. Let us have a deeper look in it.

HTML5 – It is the latest version of HTML. At present it is used and supported by varied browsers and with each year the usage is increasing and rising. There are some great features incorporated in HTML5 and you can add some cool elements to your website. In fact Steve Jobs refuses to incorporate flash on iOS due to different bugs and crashes thus acknowledging the fact to use more critical features of HTML5 are must for those who wish to create iOS friendly apps and websites. HTML friendly version videos are available at leading search engines and with time web developers have started visualizing the significance of this system in the long run. The basic notion behind HTML5 is that it is not one large entity and made up from smaller parts that work together to develop something advanced and innovative. Each browser supports different features of HTML5 making it significant for those interested in coding and development to plan out which features and attributes they require and will be supported by varied browsers.

Features –
  • The HTML5 syntax needs a doctype to be specified so that the browser can provide the web page in standard mode. In fact the doctype declaration is in simplified form as compared to previous HTML.
  • The visual and audio support in HTML5 is amazing and friendly. Now as you know that it is fully running and all browsers support the framework, you will definitely find it easy to incorporate audio and video to sites without any requirement for outside plug-ins.
  • Editing the content of your site is simple with HTML5. By using the content editable feature, you can change the text to any element.
  • The application cache enables you to browse web applications even if you are offline.
Why to Use HTML5 –
  • HTML5 loads much quicker rather than any other version as it implements WebSockets.
  • HTML5 provides more flexibility and robustness in creating your website.
  • Mobile phone applications are more accessible if written in HTML5 as you don’t have to write applications for a specific mobile phone but in fact have to create universal applications for all phones.
  •  Audio, video and images are easily written right into the codes, annihilating the requirement for other third party software.
  • This framework is growing at a speedy pace and will result into better and efficient features that will leave old websites outdated and obsolete.
  • Both HTML5 and CSS3 will provide designers integrity, reliability and credibility.

CSS3 – It proffers increased flexibility and scalability in the presentation of website content. In all, it makes everything more effective and promising. Though it is not supported by every browser, but it is increasingly getting popular as it makes these changes so much simpler to get the same effect by using JavaScript plug-in or developing varied versions of the exact similar image. One of the drawbacks of using CSS3 is the need to deploy filters to change how something will appear onscreen using several browsers. Internet explorer is well known for bugs but CSS can be independently interpreted by Chrome or Firefox. Some of the web designers have created different CSS codes in different way to be sent to several browsers and make use of filters to cut off CSS delivery completely. It proffers some interesting and cool features to boost the appearance of the website. Certain features such as menus are like must haves in almost every website. Though with CSS3, the aesthetic appeal and functionality rises exponentially. Sub menus including horizontal menus, hovering, tabs, rounded edges, sub menus with descriptions are all possible with some tweaking. Users will acknowledge the capability to see a little more of which web page is about before potentially wasting loading up time. Get in touch with professional web service providers and avail great services in development like CSS3 and HTML5. Web Outsourcing Team is one of them where you can get suggestions and services from experienced web professionals. Get in touch with them and stay tune for more posts.