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The Best Add-ons for Google Sheets and Docs

The Best Add-ons for Google Sheets and Docs

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Recently the Google Drive team has introduced some of the biggest updates to Google Sheets and Docs that we all have not been seen in a long period of time. The new add-ons features and functions for Sheets and Docs makes it really simple to bring on some modern functionality or simply missing features to your most vital drive files. With such new add-ons functionality comes up with a brand new marketplace with thousands of choices to select from. We highly suggest playing around most of them to ascertain which ones meet their specific requirements, though there are few that we really like and appreciate. You can go through all the steps and tools edited and done to your Sheets and Docs mentioned below and hope you found the details informative and knowledgeable.

  • Creating a mail merge has never been considered as simpler than with the Merge by MailChimp – Prior add-ons were accessed and introduced, developing a mail merge need some knowledge and understanding of apps script along with lot of hard work and patience while putting together all the materials. With the help of Merge by MailChimp the process has been simplified to a greater extent with a user friendly user interface. And even if you are not much aware of mail merges, they let you to send emails to a huge mass of people by simply taking out an email template from Google Docs, fetch details from Spreadsheet and sending it through Gmail.
  • Need or receive approval for modifications in Docs with Letter Feed Workflows – Collaboration is considered as one of the most strong and efficient tools in Google Docs, though asking for approval can be addressed and featured with a workaround by utilizing comments. Several people have asked for a genuine and legal workflow for Docs and even Letter Feed emphasizes to solve that issue. Such add-on makes receiving approval for edits much easier in a professional workflow that is amazing to watch.
  • Don’t able to mention your resources with the bibliography creator from EasyBib – Students on a final note have a much simpler way to mention their sources directly inside of Docs with the help of Bibliography creator from EasyBib. It has always been considered as an amazing tool for devising a bibliography through their site, but this brand new add-on means that you don’t have to leave your opened doc while finishing up anything.
  • Insert data from Sheets into a Doc directly with Charts – Many people have issues while making their data and information in a Google Spreadsheet blend together with a Google Doc. Charts actually makes it simple to add information from a Sheet into a Doc in the form of a chart.
  •  Easy printing of name tags and labels with Avery Label Merge – Avery Label Merge is other one of the great add-ons for creating Docs and Sheets work together. It makes formatting of the data in Sheets into name tags and labels extremely simple. If you have your data merged and consolidated in a Sheet altogether, it can be very much time consuming process to copy and paste it while creating name tags and labels. Moreover it takes out the busy work out of your hands, saving in turn your tons of time.
  • Join a conference call with all collaborators with UberConference in a Doc – UberConference is one of the most favourite and liked collaboration tools as it works extremely well with most of the Google apps and help to get in touch with people so much simpler. This way you can take collaboration in Google Docs even further in a long run by devising a conference call with all your collaborators inside Google Docs.
  • Brand new version for EDUs of Doctopus that make teachers really glad – The Doctopus apps script was considered as one of the most famous and efficient tools as it made assigning of projects much simpler and promising. Along with being simple to use, the new add-ons section should let even more educators to get on board. With this app, you can easily create, assign as well as keep a track of your student’s projects along with never leaving of Google Drive.

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