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Ways to Personalize Your Gmail and Save Time

Ways to Personalize Your Gmail and Save Time

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If you are using a lot your Google Apps or Gmail, the more chances are there that you are investing most of your time inside your inbox. We always keep on posting a lot of tips and guides about how you can save your time you invest in there but the concern arises if you wish to head on to the opposite direction. In fact, you may think and feel like that your inbox is your central resource for all your work and throughout day activities so why you ever want to limit the same? If this is the actual way you feel, we have listed down a long list of your favourite tips, rules, tools and tricks for personalizing your Gmail into the ideal solution.

  • Use Flash issue to send engaging and promising e-mails – E-mail is amazing for sending and receiving plain text e-mails along with attaching files and documents, but there is not really a way out to put together appealing and pleasing messages. Just for an example, if you wish to send out a marketing e-mail or message, or a corporate or professional newsletter service integrated with several pictures and style, you may feel the need to sign up for an e-mail distribution service. With this service, you can send and deliver amazing e-mails inside of Gmail, utilizing all of the contacts that might be you have already. Moreover you can have access to web analytics also so that you can see who is reading or clicking on your mails.
  • Turn your Gmail inbox to a to-do list – Most of the people follow this approach that is reminding you of anything by sending an e-mail of the matter. In this way, even if you are away from your system, you can easily send it through your phone and feel reminded of it in the morning or anytime whenever you check your Gmail inbox. This is a great opportunity to create a to do list, and if you get so much e-mails then such significant items can be pushed down your inbox and you see them very much late. Now it is easy to turn down your Gmail inbox into an advanced list by blending and integrating some of your favourite features.
  • Stop sending bad emails to yourself with Undo send lab – We all been in such a situation where we have mailed something that we wished we hadn’t. No matter, whether you made a spelling error, forgot to attach a file or send cc to the wrong person, it is always a very bad feeling, when you figure out that the e-mails sent is gone for good. If you will come to know that there is a hidden function in Gmail that could have saved you in all of those scenarios. The Undo send lab feature is a hidden functionality in the lab category of your Gmail settings, and it allows you to take back those e-mails you wanted you had not delivered.
  • Save time by using Salesforce inside your Gmail inbox – Those who use both Google Apps and Salesforce, you must be aware of the fact that it is so much frustrating to switch in between the two accounts all the time. Salesforce is your rich source of truth for your clients and users and Google Apps is the one that help to reach them and the question is how you can blend the two. There is a very useful and beneficial chrome extension that is Cirrus insight that brings the power of Salesforce inside of your Gmail inbox, saving your precious time. In fact you can even update Salesforce without even the need to leave Gmail and access significant information while you are mailing customers.
  • Streamline your inbox with Sanebox and smart filtering – If you are receiving several e-mails in a single day, it would be difficult to separate the significant ones from the entire lot that surrounds it. You can invest a lot of time in separating e-mails on your own as well as hand off the duty to a tool such as Sanebox. It uses filtering to depict which e-mails are vital and important based on the previous interactions and makes those simple to access. In addition, it moves all the unimportant e-mails into a separate individual folder known as Sanelater, where they will be summarized and conceptualized into a digest.
  • Use Gmail offline and never feel away from your inbox – We understand that you cannot always trust on online platform to access your Gmail. With the Gmail offline app needed for your Chrome web browser, you can look for a message, read or display it and compose a reply, all without linking to the web platform. This online app, built basically by Google and found in the Chrome web store, provides a lot of the similar features and functions of your normal Gmail web interface. You can even sort out messages as per labels and search by using the Gmail search operators.
  • Know your contacts even better with Rapportive – Rapportive merges the information and details you have on a contact such as their e-mail address with what you might not aware of including company, social media accounts, job title and more to devise a rich contact profile. It is basically a great tool especially for marketers, recruiters and everyone who sends out a bulk volume of mails. Though, we always want and recommend Google Apps users to set Chrome as their default web browser, but it also available for Safari and even Firefox for those of you who are unwilling to switch.

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