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The Hottest Mobile App Development Trends

The Hottest Mobile App Development Trends

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In last few years, mobile app development has undergone a lot of changes. The introduction of two dominant and powerful mobile operating systems Android and Apple iOS started stiff competition among web developers and professionals. Such competition has given rise to a huge number of web trends in mobile development. The foremost reason behind web professionals always coming up with something new and advanced mobile apps equipped with striking user interfaces is the competition among mobile app professionals. In fact, there has been lot of incredible changes done in mobile development trends. Have a look at few of the hottest mobile app development trends used till yet.

  • Create mobile web apps – Now days, it has become like a trend to create HTML5 web pages that turn as mobile web apps for each targeted platform. In this manner, you can actually avoid the rigid submission policies of an app store. By actually creating an HTML5 app for your site, you are serving customers from all mobile platforms without any lacunas or drawbacks in looks or functionality. It is a much better and convincing way of development as compared to creating native mobile apps.
  • SVG and JavaScript for UI and graphics – With time, Flash head on to become popular then a bit defamed for its insecurity till it sank to flake for vulnerabilities and bugs. On the other way, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and JavaScript were gaining fame and popularity for catering users with appealing and interesting user interface elements and graphics that work in a seamless manner across varied devices.
  • Multi touch – Earlier Apple was the only one that makes use of multi touch interface but these days almost all the devices have such feature. Mobile apps have soon been edited or modified to make use of multi touch user interface features that improvise the ease and simplicity of usage in a much better and efficient way.

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