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Network Support

Clouds, servers, firewalls, and many such aspect of networking have become exceedingly integral to any business. Network Support has become one of the key components of computing. Now that all data cannot be stored locally due to exponential increase in its size, more and more organizations are resorting to remote data centres. And anything that goes remote in technology directly requires a strong hold on networking concepts. Network Support services in today’s world has transcended its application from just local IT support services or online support. It has creeped its way into more explicit business operations like managing cloud data and data centres, virtual technologies and so on. In fact, a strongly structured network is crucial for the existence of an organization. Network support jobs also form the core behind system security. Information security requires a strong hold on networking concepts.
With the continuous evolution of internet, more and more activities are carried online. Be it communication, marketing, retail, banking, almost everything is online. This further magnifies the need of network support for any organization. Network support which basically comes under IT support services is focussed on maintaining the existing network of an organization externally or internally. Some of the crucial network support jobs include troubleshooting network issues and testing network health. Other jobs may including upgrading the network infrastructure to meet the ever increasing demands. Now from organization to organization and the type of IT technical support services that are needed, network support services may vary a lot.
We provide complete network support services to our clients. Our Network support services includes both on site and remote support. Along with other IT technical support services, we also give full time consultation to our clients. We have a separate team that manages Cloud Support which in itself is a crucial aspect in today’s E commerce. We have highly skilled cloud engineers with a significant amount of experience in the field. Our on-site network support team directly deals with the local network architecture and devices of an organization. Our on-site team usually deals with servers, desktop PCs, routers, switches, firewalls, scanners, wireless devices, local cable network and so on. We also help in creating Intranet, allocating dynamic IPs, preventing malware and other virus attacks, authorising and authenticating users, configuring VPN, performing security audits, etc. Apart from these tradition networking services.