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Communication has been given more and more emphasis in today’s business operations. It is considered tantamount to any business today. This is where IT services Desk comes into play. It is basically a communication centre of any organization. An IT service desk is a single point of contact between a company and its clients. Services desk software ensure that all the issues of clients are handled immediately and effectively. The quality of IT services desk is a reflection of the quality and character of an organization. Services desk software are designed so as to receive services request as well troubleshooting or incident request. A Services Desk service is something we all must have required in our life some way or the other.
With the ever expanding computing world, complexities increase and so do issues. Some issues are not very complex which may solved by simple tricks. But some issues can eat up our precious time and require expert knowledge to solve. Very often we resort to online forums for solutions to such problems. But when we are looking from an organization’s perspective, even online help is not enough as there many constraints with this approach. An organization need constant and immediate support from IT support services company to such issues which directly influence business operations. An IT services desk is cost saving and scalable if properly managed. It also enhances user satisfaction which may help your organization in the long run. With the amount and variety of issues handled by a services desk, identification and forecasting of potential issue becomes easier. It also assists in analysis and management of risks.
We are one the most reliable IT service provider in Delhi. We have services desk support, help desk support and call centre support, all offering variety of services to our clients. Our help desk support services are basically internal to an organization such as its process, products and services. Our help desks answers questions, troubleshoots problems and ease out the solutions to existing problems. Our call centre support is basically aimed at interaction with the client and managing contacts. Usually the tasks are handled over telephone. We provide inbound call centre for product support, customer service, order processing and 24*7 phone services. We provide outbound call centre for telemarketing, feedbacks, marketing research, etc. And out IT services desk support basically deals with troubleshooting technical issues of our clients. Apart from these, service desk also plays a crucial in Software Project Management process. Some of the crucial processes involving service desk are change requests, communication management processes, stakeholder management process. Some of the other process involving service desk are maintain 3rd party support contracts, managing software licenses, employee on boarding, acquisition integration, etc.