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PHP scripting language is widely used for creating dynamic and robust websites. It has more advanced procedures and functions that are not available on usual HTML language. Dissimilar to other scripting languages created in external files processed by the browsers, PHP is a server side scripting platform that is embedded into HTML source file of a site. Then the PHP scripts are interpreted by the server by using a processor module to bring about the desired functions on the website. In fact, it is among the most widely used language due to its compatibility and flexibility with most of the browsers and servers and operating systems. At present, more than twenty million websites are utilizing PHP with about 1 million servers processing them. If you know few basics of HTML, you will for sure find PHP familiar. You will get codes enclosed in HTML tags.
InMotion Hosting Services – From year 2001, InMotion web hosting has been rendering excellent web hosting solutions to several websites. As compared to other web hosts, it proffers a flexible and robust set of hosting options. Allowing customers to buy more advanced hosting services including dedicated hosting and VPS, the features available are unparalleled. Database hosting has never been easier in the same providing great PHP support on its new servers. In fact, it provides the user the option to choose from different PHP versions such as 5.2, 5.3 or 5.4. In this way, PHP scripts can be switched in an easy manner and customers need not to confront any issue with backward compatibility. Moreover, you can use multiple versions of PHP simultaneously in one account. To know more about PHP functions, feel free to get in touch with Web Outsourcing Team web professionals. And stay tune for more interesting and knowledgeable reads.

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