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Desktop is an integral part of our daily work nowadays. And when it comes to running a business, a smoothly running desktop becomes indispensable. Almost all our activities depend on our computer system in some way or the other. Be it application development, management, marketing, sales, SEO or any activity related to information technology or e commerce, all depend on a healthy conditioned desktop.
The job of desktop support is a complex one. One needs to have a deep knowledge of computer hardware, logic design, operating systems and networking. One also needs to have good temperament and problem solving skills. There are many aspects of a desktop which are quite sensitive and need expert involvement. All in all, a desktop support job requires knowledge of many domains.
There are numerous ways you may need desktop support. Although of many types, we can divide the types of support in two broad categories. First one being troubleshooting which literally means solving any issue the client is facing with the system. Second one is servicing which covers a larger domain including installing new software, adding or removing users, changing user permissions, accessing any domain, etc. Desktop is also categorised on the basis of severity of the service required, for e.g., more severe issues are given higher priority over milder issues.
One of the prime feature of desktop support is that it directly deals with the end user. The tools and technology that this job deals with are directly influential on the business operations and resources. The devices that come under the scope of desktop may include PCs, laptops, tablets, workstation and other software and hardware inside the IT architecture of the organisation. Apart from technical skills this jobs requires other soft skills too, like good communication, experience and intuition.
We provide complete desktop support to our organization. From networking support and troubleshooting to software installation and operating system related issues, we cover it all. We also provide support services to all the devices related to the system like tablets, keyboards, mouse, mobile phones, etc. Our highly skilled team members know have genuine problem solving skills. They know the appropriate questions to extract the maximum information about the problem from the end user. We boast of more than 10 years of experience in the field of desktop support with more than 100 satisfied clients. We also provide remote troubleshooting solutions to desktop related problems. Moreover, we take regular evaluation from our clients so that the problem is solved from the core.