10 things to consider when buying a computer or laptop for kids!

Laptop and desktop both come with unique perks. While one offers compactness, mobility, ease and comfort, other comes with an easy to upgrade feature, better life span, greater performance and much more. Hence, choosing the best, especially for your little one, isn’t easy. Here are some factors that might help you make your mind.

Compact and portable: The key difference between a laptop and a desktop is – portability. The laptops are self-contained ultra-thin device that are designed to be handy. If there’s any chance your kids might need to take the system to the school, then a laptop is a no-brainer. But, if portability isn’t a concern for your family, then you need to dig deeper.
Performance: Desktops are powerful as they don’t have to be compact and portable. It can take more RAM which boosts the performance of the system, than a regular laptop. As upgrading the CPU or even graphics card isn’t a hassle in desktops, they are super-fast and give superior performance. Desktop computers can also run more accessories like dual monitors, more USB devices, etc.
Upgradability: In this fast paced world, innovative features are coming our way every passing minute. Hence upgradability is a thing to consider while buying a home computer. If you want your personal system to be up-to-date every time something new hits the market, then desktop is an option for you.
The components in desktops can be easily replaced or upgraded. Though laptops give you access to replace components like RAM and storage, but that is pretty much it. So, if you believe in upgrading instead of buying a new system all over again, go for the desktop.
Lifespan: The average lifespan of a desktop computer is around three to four years. Though many computers can remain operational years after their estimated life cycle; the increase of files, data, software, and updates takes a toll on the hardware.
Laptops have an even shorter lifespan. Contrasting desktops which have bigger CPU cases, laptops are condensed and have minimal ventilation. And as they’re usually carried out around, they’re often more in a vulnerable position.
Repair: When it comes to kids, you can’t expect them not to break things. They may get excited while playing games and may hit on the keyboard or break the mouse. This is inevitable. But, as a parent, you won’t support the idea of stopping them either when keyboard/mouse combos are cheaper and easily replaceable in desktops.
On the other hand, laptops are delicate which makes it vulnerable for kids. Besides, repairing a laptop requires considerable skills, and its parts are also specific to the models.
Display Size: Desktop can always offer you a bigger screen than most of the laptops. So if the size of the screen matters to you, then desktop is the call.
Space: When we live in metropolitan cities like Delhi NCR, we understand the value of space at home. Things are becoming compact for a reason. And  there’s no denial that desktop requires plenty of space. So, if you have a limited desk space at home, the knee jerk reaction would be to choose the laptop.
Budget: Smaller components are more costly. If you want to settle with basics, laptop is a sound choice. But if you want more and more features, a laptop might not be an ideal pick as everything comes with a cost in this ultra-thin device. Memory, storage, superior video and sound cards – the more features you need, the more holes it will make in your pocket.
Multitasking: Though knowledge is the key, kids need their dose of entertainment as well. Features like gaming mostly come with desktops. Besides, video editing, and desktop publishing require additional memory, storage and probably video and sound cards. These come conveniently with desktops than an average laptop.
Supervision: Web world is full of negativity and positivity both. It’s up to us what we take it and how we use it. But at the tender age, it’s hard to identify what is good for us. There comes the role of the parents. While supervision is a bit difficult in laptops as they can be taken anywhere, desktops have its fixed place. As nobody likes to being spied on, placing a desktop in the living area can keep the negativity or unwanted stuff at bay.
A desktop can’t give you the comfort that a laptop can bring home. They are wired, though you can lessen some wires with using wireless mouse, keyboard and also the bluetooth speaker, you can’t avoid them entirely in desktops.  On the other hand, laptops won’t provide you the best gaming experience, better performance and even the durability as compared to the desktop.
You can consider these factors before making your mind. Take a deep breath, make a list of your needs, compare the two as per your requirement and that’s it. Thank me later.

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