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UPS – uninterrupted power supply – systems not only power your computers and servers, they also protect your hardware during power spikes. Precisely this is a reason every household that has a computer also has a UPS.

UPS systems come in different sizes and capacities – what sort of UPS system you purchase depends on for how long you plan to run your computer/computers during a power cut. Primarily, UPS systems are used to run computers for a short span of time – enough time for you to take backups and shutdown the systems.

Why your household or business needs a UPS system (or multiple UPS systems)?

Whether power failures in your area are intermittent or regular, uninterrupted power supply is very essential for the health of your hardware. If your computer suddenly shuts off you will not just lose the data that you haven’t yet saved, you may also end up with a corrupt hard drive or worse, a damaged motherboard. It isn’t like power interruption occurs once in a few weeks in India. In most of the areas, power interruption happens multiple times in a day, sometimes multiple times even in an hour. So, you can easily imagine what wreck this can havoc on your system if there is no UPS.

With the UPS, you don’t need to worry about continuous power interruption. You can go on working, or you can save your data in a relaxed manner and shut off your system following proper procedure.

In fact, these days UPS systems are recommended even for TVs and other multimedia equipment.

Conscious of quality and trustworthiness, at our shop we always stock best-quality UPS systems from top brands. Some of the UPS systems that you may see in our shop are

Mention the list of UPS

Want to know which is the best UPS system for your needs? Give us a call or simply visit our shop and we will gladly help you make the best choice.

  • Maicrotek UPS
  • Luminous UPS
  • Su-kam UPS