Top Updatede Google Apps to Be More Productive

Google’s Android apps have been totally revived and updated, with lots of productivity enhancing unique features and functionalities for business users. Such updates are available as Google introduces Android 5.0 Lollipop, a completely new brand version of its mobile cum operating system, although only a few of them including new Smart Phones have received the so called update so far. Likely nowadays you don’t have to download the refreshed and revamped Google apps. You can simply look for the required app you want in the Google play store and click on update link. Here follows a quick list down of best in ideal applications that will assist you to do your job.

  • Google Calendar – Amongst all, Google calendar seemed to be the most vital and in demand overhaul. It not only looks better and effective but in real it appears as more functional and smarter. For beginners, the app automatically gathers the event details from your e-mail and transforms them directly into events on your calendar, everything on its own. Just for an example, if you schedule the date, flight, time along with the location, everything will be pulled off from your inbox and automatically get added to your schedule where there is no need of copying and pasting. Adding to this, it also pulls all relevant details such as phone numbers, photos, and even e-mail addresses from your address book making it simple to add attendees to meetings and important events. Moreover the app actually learns and acknowledges who you have added the most often to make suggestions at a later time. Example, if you meet your x colleague on Monday morning, the Google calendar will automatically propose you to add that person especially when you plan new meeting events scheduled at the same time period. On a final note, the schedule view got an entire visual makeover, and automatically will add appropriate maps, photos and illustrations to your events. It appears amazing, and the visual cues actually assist you to take in your schedule at a glimpse.
  • Gmail – You usually have to shuffle in between apps to handle as well as manage your both personal and work related Gmail account on one Android device, but there is no need to do it now. The updated and revised Gmail app can now handle several addresses involving any IMAP/POP e-mail addresses, so that you can add and access all your accounts at the same time and in the same place. This involves web mails such as Outlook and Yahoo Mail, along with individual other work e-mail addresses. And switching in between these accounts needs a few more taps. Adding to this, there is also an assortment of small interface changes including colour coded tags as well as new messages to assist you visually categorize them and a convenient and simple reply button available at the bottom of each message or e-mail you open.
  • Google Drive – Like you all know, a handy cloud storage marketplace that allows you to keep your files all accessible and backed up from anywhere and anytime and a few updates makes it even efficient and better. For beginners, in such a technological era, you can share images, documents and even files stored and saved on Google drive with the help of a Google hangouts video chat. Simply click the drive icon at the bottom right corner attainable at the hangouts window. The functionality could really appear as handy especially if you make use of hangouts to meet with remote clients, colleagues and even employees. Adding to this, the app also received a revived and refreshed layout, with simpler access to often used choices. Tap or click the big ‘+’ icon at the bottom corner to promptly upload a photograph or file from your mobile or device, create a folder or even you can also create a new Google Sheet, Doc or Slide app inside your Google drive folder.
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides – Speaking and thinking of Google’s mobile office apps, the Google Sheets, Docs and Slides have received a big number of updates by themselves. This involves a fresh coat of paint on all the aforementioned apps, along with the new and unique features. Just for an instance, the docs app has a new and great ‘Make a copy’ choice that is accessible under export and share in the options selection that allows you to quickly devise a new document using the same kind of template like the one you are presently working on. In Google Sheets, you can not only tap but also drag to opt for different and multiple cells at once while making a modification to a formula. Last but not least, Google depicts that keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+C used for copying test are more trustworthy and reliable especially when you making use of a Bluetooth keyboard along with your Android tablet.
  • Google Keep – Google also added a more strong, efficient and powerful search feature that allows you to colour code items, then filter them by colour. You can even look for audio files, images and shared lists. Might be its feature list may not be appropriate as it should be, but it is still handy and powerful little app especially for business users who wish to have a pared down to do list application every time with them to do so. Along with this, it is still better for small businesses and teams to be thankful for a few fresh and new updates. The most remarkable and extraordinary addition is basically the capability to share lists in real time with other significant Google keep users. When you are looking and viewing a shared list, you can even see modifications as they occur. And when your team is working on a particular project, this feature could assist to keep everyone on the same page.

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