Prepared website in cakephp

Today at Web Outsourcing Team we prepare a cab service website in cakephp with a beautiful Front end. Basically there are two users in this website. (i)User   (ii) Administrator
(i) User: Website tells all the starting points and ending points  to user and  calculate the miles one has to cover from one place to another through a cab i.e. user can search any cab available distance wise, cab wise(ac/non-ac), day wise etc. Google map api has been implemented in this website, so that user can see the standard path followed by google from one place to another.
When the user will make any search, if any discount have been given by admin in the same root, user will get search results along with all the discounts made by admin. Moreover user can filter a search on the basis of types of cabs and number of seats available on a root.
(ii) Administrator: The administrator will be able to change the starting and ending points of a journey. Admin can make discounts on the cabs available on any root and this discount will  display when user will make any search on that particular root.

Note: As per NDA we will not share any of our client’s website url, e-mail id or any kind of link.

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