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Digital Marketing Trends

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Humans are highly dynamic creatures; this is the reason why everything around us gets affected, including the most important things like marketing. Marketing is highly volatile, and the reason is nothing but humans’ desire to shed their habit-skin every two seconds.

Social media is one such tool that was once touted as a miracle for businesses to increase their performance. Today, decades later, almost every brand, irrespective of its size, swears by social media. If you think about it, social media has been used to sway the audience’s choice forever. From all the celebrities influencing fashion, stylists reaching out to the masses, and people benefitting from online problem solvers, social media’s invasion has had a profound effect on everyone.

Social media has the ability to let a brand connect with its users one on one. Using social media for advertising, promotional giveaways, and mobile applications.

Businesses can attract customers and reach out to them one on one.

How all the influencers have affected and swayed people in the past, brands can get the same. From offering promotional giveaways to interacting with customers to solve their queries, social media has been affecting every business.

Apart from the straightaway benefits, social media can also fetch brands their ideal employees. Businesses these days can post vacancies on social media and wait for one click to bring them an ideal employee.

Three decades ago, it was unbelievable to imagine a space where one person from the northern hemisphere could connect with another in the southern hemisphere without traveling miles, wasting any fuel, and, most importantly, in one second.

Today, it is almost impossible to think of a world where communication was difficult, where one phone call to your nearest block took several minutes to connect. Today’s generation lives under the blanket of comfort laid by social media.

Not only communication, but social media has also eased the barriers for every industry. Be it healthcare, the steel industry, or education, we can now see the influence social media has over the world.

If you talk about the healthcare industry, social media has made it possible for so many underprivileged people to have donations transferred right into their bank accounts, helping them to have longer life.

We cannot deny the very many benefits social media has today. Pupils, or any learner worldwide, can hone a skill that is specific and prevalent in a particular land. These learners cannot imagine a second of their lives without social media

Here are the following Trends that digital marketing will be following in the year 2023

The first trend is authenticity.

We all know the rise of filters, apps that transform faces into celebrities, and several apps that can transform your look. With all these modern tools, authenticities seem like a far cry. Trends review is a chart-topper when it comes to getting clients down your sales funnel. Digital marketing is going to hone authenticity as one of its major trends. Brands can use their strengths in their favor by being transparent and posting authentic brand stories. These brand stories not only attract the customer but also raise a brand’s cult following, meanwhile turning all these followers

into believers of the brand. Your brand must hone this authentic skill to leverage the best.

The second trend is posting videos.

YouTube bags the first position as being the most used video-oriented platform. Videos and reels have been doing well in recent years. Reel especially has cultivated a mass following due to their short timeline. People love the trend because it gives the needed information under unbelievably compact timelines. If you were able to watch a DIY video 10 minutes earlier, you can now watch thousands of reels and gain the exact amount of knowledge in under 10 minutes. Your brand can leverage this strength if the demographic

you cater to is gen z. Gen z is the cult follower of this trend and is able to drive growth out of it. Needless to say that brands can leverage the trend by posting reels about their brand stories or their brand values or product information because these short-form videos tend to get more viral than long-form videos.

The third trend is micro-influencing.

We don’t know which made it popular, the pandemic or the introverts, but we can tell you that more and more people rely on home shopping. This trend is not going to stop this year as well. As more and more people are trying to shop from home, they will rely on brand promotions or reviews that are being given by micro influences on YouTube or other video platforms. However influencing is effective, but it can be costly. So dip your feet into the trend being absolutely aware of the money it is going to cost you.

We recommend you follow the trend as we believe micro-influencing is going to take your Roi from the bottom to the sky super quickly.

The fourth trend is social commerce.

Commerce is an intangible yet indispensable part of our daily lives. Facebook and Instagram were the first social platforms to offer social commerce to their followers. Setting up a social shop where your customers are, seems like an intelligent choice for any brand. Modern buyers are on every social media platform your brand is catering to. Before buying products from you, they research you, and only if they find your brand to be authentic do they go down the sales funnel.

Convenience also matters for those who are on social media platforms. If they find your brand to be authentic, trendy, and cool, they will subscribe to your commercial shop and will buy from you then and there. We believe this trend is super profitable as the brand doesn’t have to set up a brick-and-mortar shop, so it is time-saving and also cuts down on the expenses of building a shop and investing in its maintenance.

The fifth trend is not a conventional one, but it for sure helps brands a lot.

We know that timely response is not your conventional Social media Trend, but it helps brands to earn loyal followers. Nothing upset the follower more than an untimely and rude response from a brand. Treat customers like they are the blood of your organization. Timely responses on social media to every query that has been raised by your customer are a must. These responses vehicle the thought that your brands care about every customer and their feedback. At the same time, this trend might be an unconventional one, but it can help your brand with an honest audit.

The sixth trend is tight-knit communities.

Facebook saw immense growth in groups recently. So many social media platforms that have the group as their feature saw an immense increase in engagement. The reason behind the mass following of Groups is due to People’s Desire to be in a tight-knit community. Human beings are a social species that grow and nurture well among their liked ones. Tight-knit communities offer the same cushion of comfort to all those who are looking for like-minded people. This trend,

again, like several other Trends, is going to Hit Home Run this year. If you talk about using this trend for your brand, Your brand can use it By drawing attention to a Focal Point. This Focal Point can be anything related to your brand or a specific product or a specific pain point that your product solves.

The 7th trend is

The 7th trend is to have a social villain. Brands these days can leverage Social justice to increase engagement over social media platforms. This is the best way to increase social Marketing. Popular brands have been using this ever since the arrival of social media, and it has proven to be a good tactic to gain followers. This trend can be followed without any doubt, as having a social villain humanizes your brand. People will buy from your brand because they think your brand cares about them, which technically should be the truth. This trend can also be useful to increase your brand’s goodwill. People will look at your brand in a different light after seeing you fighting with a social evil.

Content marketing

Say goodbye to unsolicited promotion messages with this 8th trend. The power of content will help you grow a company the way you want it to be grown. The main motto of content marketing is to answer what the public is asking rather than nagging them or forcing a promotional message down their throats. 

Content such as blog posts, landing pages, reels, social media posts, case studies, and much more will help you. Like anything strategic, content marketing also has its goals. If you are writing for your website without a proper goal in mind, your content will never be able to help the business.

The main aims of content:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve brand loyalty
  • Educate your target audience
  • Convert and nurture leads

A good content writer will make sure to work on the content that suits and goes well with different personas. However, if you still want to cater to just one persona, go for the one that is your target audience.

Creating content for different personas is actually crucial. For instance, a person who reaches your website due to some random keyword might want something absolutely different from the one who landed on your website by typing your brand name into the search bar.

Chatbots or live chat marketing

We can understand how hectic it is to run a business, and answering every call that comes your way is almost impossible to handle. This is why chatbots have become more common today than they were in the past. A customer who needs quick attention must not be ignored. To achieve a ten on 10 rating on their reply rates, businesses are using chatbots and live chat marketing. Almost 1.4 billion people use chatbot messaging and are happy with it due it the chatbot’s efficiency to:

  • Deal with customer complaints
  • Answer questions about products
  • Promote live events

Before implementing live chat messaging, ensure your use. If your use is to build bonds with customers, chatbots might not be the best thing for you. However, if your goal is to give a quicker response to the user, it is best if you start using chatbot messaging.

business today is laser-focused on. Implementing live chat marketing is one way to consolidate your customer experience.

Sell your products

A chatbot can accelerate sales. Yes, it is proven that chatbots can accelerate sales. 18% of people are inclined toward buying an item through the chatbot.