Why you should use social media for your NGO right away!

Raghu was travelling to his hometown when he met an interesting person at the airport. His intelligence charmed him in a way that he couldn’t stop thinking about him. The man was kind, smart, poised and everything Raghu looks for in a person or a friend. They had a great conversation until the man heard the final call and left immediately to catch his flight.
Raghu was sad and miserable. He regretted not asking his number. While Raghu was in self-condemning mode, his phone beeped. It was a notification from the Facebook. But suddenly, it brought a smile on Raghu’s face. He ignored the notification and started searching the man’s name on the social networking platform. He found him and sent the friend request. The request was accepted in no time and they both continued their talk on chat now.

In today’s world, we exist at two places – real world and on social media. Be it an individual, a shop or an organization — everyone has realized the importance of social media and the benefits of having a presence there. And just like any other business, NGOs too can take a lot of advantage of social media such as creating awareness, boost traffic, attract potential donors, build trust and a lot more. And if you are still not convinced on why you should use social media for your NGO right away, read on:
Global reach: Social media has a global reach and this fact is no hidden. A simple post can help you reach to several potential donors and social workers. Each post, image, video, or comment you share could be an opportunity for someone to react, eventually making them to visit your site. Also pictures are powerful tool these days. Showcase the activities and work you do through images, graphics and cartoon. It instantly attracts attentions. So, opt for the most creative post and you could have tons of reach in no time.
Boost traffic: Social media could be a major traffic generator for your website. When you share blogs, videos and other content from your website, audience may click through and visit the site. Once there, you have the chance to hook those visitors with interesting content and pictures. You can also invite them to sign up. Install traffic monitoring service like Google Analytics to analyze the traffic flow. Also, make sure the visitors receive a clear call to action when they visit the site.
Inexpensive: Running a social networking campaign is almost free if you handle it by your own. However, if you hire a social media management or PR agency, it could be an investment with a return. Posting poorly written content or conveying the wrong kind of messages on social networking sites can seriously affect your digital presence. But if you have got the skills and time, you can win over the world. Choose wisely!
Saves advertising cost: You must be aware of the benefits of banner advertising and brand awareness. The same goes online too. Social media sites allow adding an avatar, which is technically a brand mascot, logo or anything that describes the organization. When people will see updates on their timeline about your NGO, it would enhance the brand awareness. Also you can cut the advertising cost when you would concentrate on social media marketing. While traditional ads are a one-time investment for a one-time gain, social media presence gives a long-term benefit.
Establish credibility/Humanize brand: Some people do have big hearts and wants to contribute their bit to the society. But the problem they face is trust. There are lakhs of NGOs operating in every corner and spam in the name of social welfare is quite common these days. In such scenario, it is difficult to trust any organization. But, in this case, victims are NGOs, which is actually doing everything possible to help the needy. Now, social media is a platform where you can easily show your NGO’s contribution and keep everything transparent. This way, you will be able to win over the trust of people who are willing to do their little.
Interactive/Instant response: Social media is the fastest interactive medium ever. Here you can get instant feedback for your work and also engage people in different activities. People can also post their suggestion and you can also ask them to donate and volunteer for all the causes your NGO supports. Invite people to your NGO to show all the work is being and people you are helping. Let them post their experiences with a particular hashtag and more such activities can build your brand. The more interaction, the more awareness it will create, ultimately helping you to reach your goal.
Well, social media may not be able to solve all the problems in the world, but it could give a major push in your case. However, using the right platform to achieve the right goal is really important. Choose the content as per the platform or you may end up knocking the wrong doors. For more details or any such service requests, you can always call us.

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