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Mobile App Development Trends for Business

Mobile App Development Trends for Business

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We love to do research and share the latest tech news and discussions on recent mobile developer’s survey and addressed some of the best conclusions to keep you up to date on the latest mobile trends going on in the technology. Feel free to check out the major takeaways also and what they meant in real for your firm or organization.

  • Mobile developers to go to the organization – Businesses worldwide are increasingly making use of mobile technology to improvise internal processes as well as connect with employees in an interactive manner. At present, a firm can have approximate 1 or 2 client centric apps or partner focused apps or few or hundreds of employees. It has been revealed out from this survey that the shift towards B2B and B2E apps has led around 63% of web professionals to see a rise in demand for enterprise based web developments. Web experts are developing apps for everything right from the expense reporting to routing and dispatch and honestly this is mere the beginning. This segment of mobile app development will grow rapidly and promptly with time. If your organization is already making use of mobile technology, that is amazing. If it is logical as per your business aims, you might consider of B2E and B2B mobile communication. But if it doesn’t then keep on improvising your existing applications and experimenting with the new and relevant applications needed for mobile web development. Irrespective of all, the future of mobile technology looks promising. Make full and thorough research in creating an app. An internal application may or may not be the appropriate move for each company. You can even research and discover more how other brands have utilized mobile to improvise and boost internal and external functions. Always make sure to look for an app that is valuable as well as makes sense for your motives and company. There is absolutely no requirement to keep your priorities away from the users but try to be more strategic as user facing apps are growing, vital and booming.
  • Development and usage of tablets is growing – Web developers are highly looking at tablets as one of the next application platforms. In fact according to the survey, in last six months around 82% of web professionals create design for the tablet and 85% for the smart phone, a good rise from last few years. Though, these numbers hold true only for Windows and IOS. For android version, around 68% of experts are interested in tablets whereas 80% are very much interested in apps for smart phones. In spite of unequal OS popularity, use of tablet is like on the rise for both organizations as well as web professionals. More tablet adoption in turn means more innovation for businesses. From in store retail assistants to executive dashboards to laptop replacements, web experts and organizations are consistently thinking of new uses and vitalities for the tablet. Looking out and adopting for this trend has the potential to boost business at all corners of the globe. Tablets proffer a unique way to boost business processes, handle customer relationships and raise the quality and number of touch points in between the employees and users. If your business is seeking for a new tactic, look for what tablets can provide. As with most of the mobile tech trends it may not be the perfect solution for each business but with the consistent creativity and innovations it makes it a great promising and useful tool.
  • The third dominant operating system – With the starting of mobile technology, there have been three dominant leaders including Apple, Android and Blackberry. And with the falling favour of Blackberry brand, this slot opens up. There are many people interested in the same but no single operating system has yet to take the piece of cake. Web experts highlight an emergent Windows platform, along with an Android derivative such as Amazon’s Kindle including a dark horse such as Firefox OS to fill up the spot. In particular, the Nexus is seeing a considerable hike in developer’s interest whereas Windows tablets and phones are eventually bottoming out. Lots of firms and companies are pushing the mobile innovative envelope with time. The stiff competition will lead a lot of unique and innovative ideas including a few super items. As a company, always make sure to keep an eye out for new features as well as programs that make business effectual and more effective. As with any new item, do proper research of what you are getting actually. Don’t rush into a mobile system as it leads the pack. With more than 90% of web developers reporting they write for different items and several operating systems, many items are on the rise and that number is only expected to boom and spread. Make sure to take out your time to judge the positives and negatives of each mobile proffering to ensure the best option for your requirements.

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