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Hot Web Development Trends in Demand

Hot Web Development Trends in Demand

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Till date, it has been watched a continued decline in the use and significance of legacy browsers and an increase in support for unique, new and innovative web technologies . This transition has empowered web developers worldwide to create faster applications that perform smoothly all across the devices along with being on par with the speed along with the ability of the native web applications. Some of the top notch and hot web development trends seen especially in this year are mentioned below.

  • 3D web gags – There are many creative and smart web developers who took the benefit of the 3D capabilities of the modern and advanced browsers. We see an increase in support for a mobile friendly and lightweight CSS3 3D transforms and approaches to render appealing 3D graphics. 3D canvas web development is not only the world of the super techies but in fact web development firms tried to create a framework or a tool that take it to the mainstream.
  • HTML5 JavaScript API – There are some cooler and interesting APIs in the HTML5 JavaScript specifications such as web storage, web sockets, web workers, application cache and more that proffer all kinds of astonishing possibilities. In fact they have the probability to provide web apps quite similar to power and functions. Most of the advanced browsers have started to leverage and use all these outstanding features and there is a fallback in IE.
  • The client side web apps and rise of JavaScript – There are lots of advantages of creating an application completely with client side technologies. The major reasons behind the same are like web developers got the opportunity to learn an entirely new language, and HTML5 APIs make it possible to do all the things in a better and efficient way. In fact, a dramatic increase in the demand and significance towards JavaScript has been seen as one of the preferred language in between the web developers.
  • The front end framework evolution – These frameworks were very much in demand last year and this year it is hoped to improve the workflow of web developers. Adding to this, the front end development stack ideally involves testing server, task runner, front end framework of choice such as Foundation or BootStrap, dependency management, easy deployment via GUI or command line and its seamless integration.
  • Web development beyond the screen – The release of something new, innovative and whacky to view media has led web development field beyond the screen. A very good example of the same is Google Glass. The glass browser has a high resolution of about 640×360 pixels and can be controlled by a touch sensor and a voice controller on the side of the glasses and blended with head movements.
  • Responsive web designing become mandatory – There is definitely no excuse for not creating and devising responsive designs these days, especially with the availability of frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap at every developer’s disposition. Moreover, there has been an increase in the use of responsive JavaScript as some of the functionality doesn’t translate great in different devices. So trimming and streamlining down unused scripts on mobile will be must to quicker web apps.
  • Mobile apps that behave and function like native apps – With all such amazing and great web technologies available, web developers need to create sites as well as apps considering few qualities in mind like continual support for touch and gestures, low processor demand, fast loading speed and good task performance, lower battery usage and more.

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